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Nurture yourself and support your community!

Friday 9th of December


At Flow Space, Alexandra

Come for a body and soul immersion of light and sound !

All profit goes toward Sticks'N Stones!

Alyssa Drake (Wisdom of She) and myself are very happy to offer a 2-hour session of sound and soul nurturing at Flow Space in Alexandra.

Alyssa and I decided to create this event for two reasons:

We are soon coming into the new year, and we feel the importance to release the old 'self' to welcome and embrace a new version of ourselves, lighter, happier and freer for this new year 2023.

The second reason is that we wanted to donate the full profit to a charity in Alexandra. We both loved the idea to give to Sticks'N Stones, an incredible and proactive organisation preventing bullying at school. I have 'unfortunately' some teenagers coming for depression or anxiety issues. Behind every story I hear, there is always some bullying.

One of the solutions is to be aware, learn, educate and forgive to start on new strong heart-based foundation.

Our 2-hour session will have 3 main components. We will start with a guided meditation/visualization to reconnect to your inner child from the womb. Then Alyssa will do a powerful channeling (it is always incredible, believe me!) to release any negativity from this year and encode the new energy to come. I will finish with a crystal bowl sound bath.

Who is it for?


I am new to all this, can I come?

Of course! It is for everyone, and nothing is required. You just sit/lie down and let yourself transported into a 2-hour immersion of pure magic.

What should I wear/bring?

Anything comfortable for you to breath without restrictions. Any extra cushions if you want to be comfortable. The beautiful Flow Space Yoga center offers already bolsters, mat and blankets.

Bring some water.

How much does it cost?

We wanted to make it as affordable as possible. It is $22 per ticket. We have a very limited space, so you need to book your tickets. Because it is a donation based with all profit going to Sticks'N Stones, you are welcome to give more if you feel the call.

How to book?

Email Alyssa:

We are looking forward to seeing you!

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