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Lilly McKenzie

I was born in France where I lived for the first 20 years before starting to travel and discover different countries. I went back to France to finish my bachelor's in clinical psychology then in my early thirties I arrived in New Zealand where I met my Kiwi husband. For the first time I was feeling home, and it is when I started my awakening.


From a very young age I was already sensitive and my parents very spiritual, nurtured this side of me. I went through tough times in my childhood and teenage time like a lot of us which created a lot of pain and suffering within me. Feeling of abandonment, rejection, emotional abuses and traumas lead me toward depression at the age of 16 and anger. Luckily, thanks to my husband I felt safe and secure enough to start the slow process of healing my own wounds and lineage.

I created my massage business in 2017 while working full time on an orchard. In 2019 I started my journey with hypnosis and very quickly I added this amazing world into my practice. The pandemic accelerated my learnings and healing. I am full time practicing hypnotherapy and massage since early 2021.


Lilly McKenzie

I have learned a lot of different techniques and I created my own programs using all these tools to help people to find their own happiness and freedom like I did.

I am passionate about the close link between body and mind, and I often mix the two of them for better results.

My vision is to help anyone ready to encounter their own limiting beliefs, pain and trauma to come out free, empowered and ready to help others. I do believe we are in an exciting journey to meet our true self and that it is time to be at peace within us.

I practice daily meditation, keep learning to grow and share to others what I found so we can work hand in hand to build a better future. I am also learning to become a counsellor to reach out more people.

The world we have known before pandemic is gone and it is an important opportunity to raise from the pain to find our creativity that will set us free.

​I used to see the glass half empty, and I now see opportunities everywhere and a glass always full. It is a completely different perspective of life, and I am grateful for the experiences that brought me where I am today, knowing that tomorrow I will be a better version of what I am today.

May we all free from suffering!


Bachelor's in clinical psychology (France), Raynor massage certificate and diploma, Beyond Quantum Healing Hypnosis, Introspective Hypnosis, Hypnofit, CranioSacral level 1, Touch for Health level 1 and 2, (Kinesiology), Simpson Protocol (Hypnosis), Forensic Healing, Counselling (career academy).

Image by Jeremy Yap

** The Only person that can heal you is yourself.
All techniques, therapies are only here to help you reaching your inner healing potential

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