About Me

I am originally from France where I lived for about 25 years. I’ve always been a free spirit enjoying nature and with an acute sensitivity. My interests brought me naturally toward horticulture and a bachelor of clinical psychology studies. 

I travelled and worked in different countries for around 10 years before arriving in NZ in 2011 where I met my husband. We settled down in Alexandra, on the south island. For the the first time in my life I felt like I was finally home. This new feeling allowed me to start a long process of working on my wounded past and letting go all my belief systems that were holding me back. During this inner-transforming time, I have been lucky to work on an orchard where I met wonderful people who trusted in my abilities and allowed me to grow toward my goal.

2017 has been the big curve in my career. After a challenging health diagnosis, my priority in life had shifted. It was my wake up call and within the 2 months of my diagnosis, I went to Australia to learn Raynor massage therapy and the following month of my graduation, I opened my business while I was still working full time.


Through my own journey, while I was practicing Raynor massage, I could see that beyond the physical pain was often hidden trapped emotions. I wanted to go further to explore the mind, understand more our purpose in life, why we are sick, why we are repeating certain negative patterns. Therefore, in 2019 I decided to complete my new career by learning hypnosis and I chose to study with 3 different schools (BQH, Introspective Hypnosis and the basis of Ericksonian Hypnosis).

The pandemic of 2020 accelerated my career and since May 2020, I am now full time massage and hypnotherapist in Alexandra (and all over the world with online hypnosis sessions).

I believe massage and hypnosis are complementary and address both aspects I find important in life, the connection between Body and Mind.

I also believe that we never stop learning and I am always looking for new books, new courses, new podcasts. Above all, my clients are my greatest teachers and they allow my practice to continuously evolve.


Me giving a massage in my treatment room

** The Only person that can heal you is yourself.

All techniques, therapies are only here to help you reaching your inner healing potential

Alba Weinman, Me and Antonio Sangio

at my Introspective Hypnosis Certification

Fun Fact:

I created the name of my business (Body Mind Care) even before I knew  I would learn massage and hypnosis!

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