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About Me

I am originally from France where I lived for about 25 years. I’ve always been a free spirit enjoying nature and with an acute sensitivity. My interests brought me naturally toward horticulture studies then psychology. Even though I loved nature, I wanted to understand better how our human brain worked. But soon, my thirst for travel and adventure took over and around the age of 20 I alternated between travel and studies until I finished my bachelor’s in clinical psychology. When I turned 25, I moved to Quebec for 18 months where I worked in mental health and social services institutes. My travel bug did not end then and I travelled and worked in Australia for two years before arriving in NZ in 2011. I have been lucky to find love and I settled down with my husband in Alexandra, a little town of South Island. Alexandra is a beautiful valley, popular for producing stone fruits, where I have been working in the same orchard for 8 years.


From 2012, like a lot of people, my spiritual awakening path started slowly. Going forward, in 2017, I had some health issues that changed my priorities in life. I was working full time at the orchard, I was growing within the company, but that wasn’t enough for me anymore. I needed a change, but I just had no idea what. It was during a consultation with my naturopath that I had my AH HA moment! Massage popped in my head and it’s when I decided to study massage.


In May 2017 I got qualified as a Raynor massage therapist and I opened my business the month after I graduated while I was still working full time at the orchard.


Between 2017 and 2019, I did a lot of self-healing through different techniques. My goal was to find myself, be happy and healthy. I always thought that there is a close and direct connection between body and mind. Through my own journey, while I was practicing Raynor massage, I could see that beyond the physical pain was often hidden trapped emotions that with time were creating pains and diseases. I wanted to go further to explore the mind, understand more our purpose in life, why we were sick, why we were repeating certain negative patterns. I wanted to go to the roots of the issue to acknowledge it, accept it and be at peace with it.


I had another AH HA moment… I studied hypnosis. First, I studied BQH (Beyond Quantum Healing) and lately Introspective Hypnosis.


I believe massage and hypnosis are complementary and address both aspects I found important in life, the connection between Body and Mind. The name of my business (I chose before knowing I would be a massage therapist) is now taking totally sense!


These last 8 years have been an incredible journey of self-discovery. I unraveled a lot of fear, sadness, traumatic past events and more. Every day, I feel a better version of myself, a happier and more content person. Even though we never quite finish working on ourselves,


I feel I am now moving towards my true self and I am ready to help people willing to step into their own potential selves. I am now working part time at the orchard, so I can focus on my passion! And who knows what the future will offer me next?


Picture taken during a training in Tauranga

** The Only person that can heal you is yourself.

All techniques, therapies are only here to help you reaching your inner healing potential