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75 min session


15 min head massage with induction


45 min massage, back, legs and feet


45 min recording audio during massage


Choose 3 options


Great for introduction to Hypnosis


An introduction to the magical world of hypnosis…

Hypno-massage is created for small issues in your daily life and is crafted for GENERAL PUBLIC. Consider hypno-massage as a general healthy BOOST. If you have a specific problem and/or if you have suffered from traumatic events in your past or you suffer from stress, anxiety or other mental health conditions, Hypno-massage will NOT be strong enough. A tailored hypno-coaching program is highly recommended in this case.  

Choose 3 options from this list before booking:

Option 1 - Increase confidence and self-esteem
Option 2 - Rebuilding Trust
Option 3 - Healthy eating
Option 4 - Miscarriage: Grieving support
Option 5 - Remove financial worries
Option 6 - Stress relief
Option 7 - Exercise motivation

Option 8 - Sleep well

Option 9 - Binge eating 

Option 10 - Alcohol moderation

Option 11 - Stomach size reduction

Option 12 - Fear of unexpected changes

Option 13 - Saying goodbye to someone

Option 14 - Fear of bees and wasps

Option 15 - Finding motivation to lose weight

Option 16 - Sugar craving

Option 17 - Alcohol association

  • What is Hypno-Massage and How can it Help Me?
    Hypno-Massage uses two of my skills, massage and hypnotherapy. While you receive a gentle and light to medium pressure massage, you will listen to a pre-recorded hypnosis session I created specifically for this purpose. When a person receives a massage, the brainwaves change naturally to a calmer state (called Alpha to Theta brainwaves). They are exactly the same brainwaves a hypnotherapist uses to induce subconscious changes in a client. Therefore, having a massage is a perfect opportunity for a person to listen to some suggestions because they are already receptive to changes.
  • Where does it come from?
    This is a Unique Service I haven't seen anywhere else yet (to my knowledge). The idea came to me while I was giving a head massage. It was one of those Ah-Ha moments! It didn't take long before I jumped into my 'recording studio' and started recording sessions on different topics.
  • What should I expect during a Hypno-massage session?
    I will welcome you into my treatment room and you will select 3 different topics of 10min each you want to listen to based on your goals. Then you will be invited to lie down, under warm blankets and receive a 10-15 min head massage. During the head and face massage, I will do the induction (gentle talk) to calmly bring you to an Alpha-Theta state. After the head massage, you will turn face down and I will help you to put on the headset and the recording will start. The first 10 minutes of the recording will increase your state of relaxation. I will start the massage as soon as the recording starts which will also enhance your state of calmness. Then you have nothing to do, just enjoy the magic!
  • Does it work?
    It took you probably months or years to create a habit (like stress, fear, eating disorder), therefore it will probably take several hours for your mind to accept the new suggestions. When you create a habit, you create new receptors in your body and your body becomes 'stronger' than your brain. Here is an example: Even if you try to change your thoughts to stop eating sweet treats, your brain is able to hold the craving for a few minutes to maybe a few days, but your body has already created some receptors commanding your brain to provide something sweet. Sooner or later, your craving (ordered by your body) will take over your brain. The cycle repeats itself again and again. ​ Thus, to change a long and stubborn habit depends on your capacity to change AND to let go. How likely are you ready to let go of your old habit and replace it for a healthier one? Like any old habits you created, repetition will reinforce the new 'healthier' habit to stay and replace the old one. Please keep in mind that these recordings are suitable for a 'general public' which may only partially address the root issue of your problem. However, it may be a wonderful introduction for you to experience before coming for a hypnotherapy program.
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