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75 min session


15 min head massage with induction


45 min massage, back, legs and feet


45 min recording audio during massage


Choose 3 options


Great for introduction to Hypnosis


An introduction to the magical world of hypnosis…

Hypno-massage is created for small issues in your daily life and is crafted for GENERAL PUBLIC. Consider hypno-massage as a general healthy BOOST. If you have a specific problem and/or if you have suffered from traumatic events in your past or you suffer from stress, anxiety or other mental health conditions, Hypno-massage will NOT be strong enough. A tailored hypno-coaching program is highly recommended in this case.  

Choose 3 options from this list before booking:

Option 1 - Increase confidence and self-esteem
Option 2 - Rebuilding Trust
Option 3 - Healthy eating
Option 4 - Miscarriage: Grieving support
Option 5 - Remove financial worries
Option 6 - Stress relief
Option 7 - Exercise motivation

Option 8 - Sleep well

Option 9 - Binge eating 

Option 10 - Alcohol moderation

Option 11 - Stomach size reduction

Option 12 - Fear of unexpected changes

Option 13 - Saying goodbye to someone

Option 14 - Fear of bees and wasps

Option 15 - Finding motivation to lose weight

Option 16 - Sugar craving

Option 17 - Alcohol association

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