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When you trust your intuition...Your life becomes magical!

When you start trusting and listening to your intuition, life unfolds in the most beautiful ways.

As some of you may already know, I have been interviewing people all over the world around their passion and their gifts. The idea behind is to inspire you to also step into your own power and follow your intuition. Whether you want to start your own business or simply have a more balanced life and have more time doing a hobby or being with your family, it is crucial for you to start listening to this little voice inside your heart.

In this interview, I had a great conversation with Sarah Dresser who is a clinical hypnotherapist in Canada. She has created an incredible bank of free self-hypnosis/affirmations/meditations on her YouTube channel. Her motivation is to help as many people as possible to heal their own wounds with free contents. Not only she is able to provide these free contents, but now she is able to live from her passion.

Sarah shares about her journey before becoming hypnotherapist. She also shares how she healed and grew from her self-discovery journey.

Majority of our pain and misery holds from unconscious programs we have created over the years.

It takes only one action from you to be free: Giving yourself the permission to let go because this past does not identify who you truly are. What you have learned can be unlearned at any point.

Over the last 7 years, I saw hundreds and hundreds of clients, and I can see the same pattern over and over. As long as we hold onto the fear of going inward, it will be hard to heal. It is only the fear of the unknown and to find out who we truly are that scares us.

I can tell you that when you make the decision to trust your intuition and you are ready to let go of your old unwanted programs of protection (I am not good enough, I need to stay in the same job I hate, I need to stay in the same abusive relationship...), life will guide you step by step in a gentle way for you to process and adapt to your new way of thinking and being.

Life is Beautiful on the other side! Who wants to join?

magical landscape
Follow your inner journey to discover who you truly are.

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