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Become a Certified Raynor Massage therapist With Lilly

What is Raynor massage?

Raynor massage is beyond a conventional massage. The approach is Unique, deep and powerful. This technique is a holistic approach englobing the physical body, the mind and the breath being the bridge between the two.

Raynor massage would be more qualified as a breathwork and bodywork. The advantage is that it does both in one session!

Raynor massage is unique because the core technique is to follow physical 'bands' and 'flush' away the residual tensions held along the bands (toxins, fascia, muscle tightness...). The breath of the person is the key to the release. It carries away the tension (emotional release or healing crisis) and the body can come back into a balanced body-mind state.

Brandon Raynor, the founder of Raynor massage found after years of research that the core tensions are held at the tip of the fingers and toes. This is why we use a lot of wooden tools to do a very detailed and precise work around the digits. In traditional Chinese Medicine, the tip of the toes and fingers represent the head. In physiology, the beginning of the Central nervous system is in the brain. When the person breathes through, the pressure on the digit send a signal through the fascia, then to the closest nerve, and will transport the information to the spine and the brain. Any tension, blockages along the way are then, 'flushed', and body-mind balance is restored. 

Raynor massage is taught worldwide and recognized in all the countries. Certain restrictions may apply to some countries (please refer to your own country massage regulations), but in New-Zealand, you can have an insurance, and it is recognized and valued.

To go further and from my own understanding of the mind-body connection:

The mind is the memory bank of experiences. It sends electrical signals down to the body via the central nervous system (brain and spine) and the body receives the information via chemicals receptors. The body translates those chemicals' reaction into feelings and emotions. The emotions will be stored in the different tissues of the body (muscles, tendons, ligaments, fascia, organs and even bones). Over time, if the body receives too many negative feelings/emotions, it will create unbalance in the body (stiffness, weakness, pins, needles and diseases). The breath has the role of moving the stuck emotions and sensations.

Career Opportunity

Learning Raynor massage/bodywork is a unique opportunity to boost your existing massage business or to start a new career as a massage/bodyworker.

Learning Raynor massage will give you the freedom to choose different techniques, from conventional to a more holistic approach.

With Raynor massage, you will be able to do relaxation, deep tissue and pregnancy* massage (only available on the diploma* level) and even create a reflexology 'Raynor style' service.

If you have already your own massage business but you feel that you would like to do more than a routine, or you want to work at a deeper level (emotion, breathwork), if you are interested in helping clients to feel freer and happier in their life, incorporating Raynor techniques in your practice will accelerate your career and you can mix it with any other technique you already know.

Raynor massage is a great foundation to learn the connection between the body-mind-breath and any new techniques you will learn after can be an add on for your professional practice.

My Story

In 2017 I went through some health issues making me realize that something was missing in my life. I loved my work, but it wasn't fulfilling, and I was very stressed out putting extra pressure on myself of wanting to give more than I could. On top of my health issues, I had a wrist pain from pruning for almost 2 years. I went to see physio, GP, acupuncturists but nothing could help. I had pins and needles, I lost strength and I couldn't open a jar without feeling a sharp pain. 

I knew I was ready for a career change. I researched for massage courses, and I found Raynor massage. Two months later, I was on the plane to Perth to do my certificate and diploma (I didn't want to wait for him to come to NZ and there was no teacher in NZ at the time).

When I received my first massage from Brandon Raynor on my hand, I was hooked. He worked 2 hours on my thumb and thumb band, my pain and pins and needles were gone, my strength was back, and it never came back. What hooked me the most was the memory that came out and the emotion attached to it. It was a very old memory and a feeling of anger I never been able to express. I let it out this day and I knew I would be pain free. I can tell you that I see it every time on my clients. When they breathe and surrender to the unknown (they don't try to control), I witness the most beautiful transformations and releases.

In 2019, I went back to repeat the diploma and learn more. I received another massage from Brandon. This one was the next level. I was so ready to surrender that I literally felt like a new and different person. From this experience I improved a lot in my practice, and I was more found on this technique because I experienced it and I felt the difference. I now know when someone is holding back and when someone is ready to let go. The result is completely different. When someone holds back, there will be release, but more at the surface. When the person surrenders (by breathing deeply and making sound), the release is much more powerful.

I learned along the way other bodywork techniques (kinesiology and cranio-sacral therapy) which I incorporate with some of my clients. But my core technique is following the bands, the breath and the use of the tools.

In 2022, I assisted Brandon to a 7-day course, early 2023 I did an advanced course to become a Raynor teacher and Brandon told me I was ready.

My goal is to show as many people as possible this incredible technique and how it can really change someone.

I am teaching in New-Zealand, and I hope to be able to teach in France from 2024.

My teaching follows the foundation of Raynor massage with a strong emphasis on intuition work, emotional releases and practices as much as possible with open clinics. I do believe that our body stores emotions and it is what creates unbalances. Any physical pain is for me a blocked emotion or feeling (even a repetitive movement or a physical work because we never take into account our mindset at the time of the injury and if we pay attention, we will realize that we were thinking very negatively).

The courses program

If you are ready to learn Raynor massage, you will need to follow a certain order.

Brandon Raynor will be focusing more and more on advanced course. Certificates and diplomas or combined will be taught more by other teachers. For other countries or a full list of the courses to come, go to Raynor massage website.

Below is my program:

At least 4 hours of practice per day and open clinics when possible.

From 9am to 5pm with 1 hour lunch.

Depending on the number of students, the place of the course, little changes may apply.


Day 1: Head massage, learning assisted belly breathing, hands bands

Day 2: Feet and legs bands

Day 3: Learn to use the tools on hands

Day 4: Learn to use the tools on feet

Day 5: Diagnosis and full treatments options, certification awards


Day 1: Head massage, level up assisted belly breathing, full treatment assessments

Day 2: Aromatherapy and oil/balm massage

Day 3: Reflexology 'raynor style', feet and hands (for more specific issues or injuries)

Day 4: Special techniques, floor work, pregnancy massage

Day 5: Business tips, Open clinic and diploma award

Raynor massage (1).png

Courses* scheduled for 2024

*Please note that you will need to complete the online course first before coming to any in person courses.

Certificate 5 days

Mon 9 Sep - Fri 13 Sep 2024: ALEXANDRA

Venue:  Alexandra in my treatment room or in town. TBD.

Price: NZ$2595 (including the online course at $650)

Repeating certificate level (if you want to do it again): NZ$1097


Level 1, 2
with Online course
(level 1 compulsory)


level 2: certificate 
if level 1 complete


Payment plans:

Payment plans available. Contact Lilly for details. Course fees must be paid off before the course starts. 

Early bird: Check on for more information.

Bring a friend: Check on for more information.


Deposit- If you’d like to , you can choose to pay a non-refundable deposit ($500 for Certificate or $995 for Diploma) to secure your space in the course, but it must be paid off prior to commencement.

Full payment: Pay for your massage course entirely, all that is left is to come and learn with us.

Contact Lilly, if you have any questions.


Lily Body Mind Care Testimonial

Having experienced both conventional massage and Raynor Massage, I can confidently say that the difference between the two is nothing short of extraordinary. The conventional approach focuses primarily on relaxation, but Raynor Massage takes things to a whole new level by delving into the physical and emotional realms of well-being. For the past 18 months, I've had the pleasure of visiting Lily at Body Mind Care, and her mastery of Raynor Massage has completely changed my perspective. Unlike conventional massages, Raynor Massage seamlessly combines an array of techniques from various corners of the world, resulting in a truly transformative experience. With deep tissue massage, acupressure, shiatsu, reflexology, and yoga breath work all in play, Raynor Massage addresses tension and blockages at their core. Lily's adept hands, fingers, elbows, and even feet skillfully apply precise pressure and stretching movements to liberate both physical and emotional stress. The benefits of Raynor Massage extend far beyond the massage table. Physically, it works wonders for chronic pain, muscle tension, and postural imbalances. By zeroing in on specific areas of discomfort and employing deep pressure, Raynor Massage effectively dismantles tension and restores equilibrium within the body. When it comes to sports performance, Raynor Massage is a true game-changer. Its techniques enhance flexibility, expand range of motion, and serve as a preventive measure against injuries. By addressing muscle tightness and optimizing circulation, athletes can experience enhanced performance and faster recovery times. But that's not all—Raynor Massage also holds profound effects on one's emotional well-being. Through its holistic approach, it not only dissipates physical tension but also fosters emotional release and relaxation. The combination of deep pressure and stretching movements can unlock suppressed emotions, leaving behind a sense of mental clarity and harmony. All in all, Raynor Massage has been a life-changing experience for me. It surpasses the confines of conventional methods and offers a therapeutic experience that transcends both the physical and emotional realms of well-being. Whether you seek respite from chronic pain, aspire to elevate your sports performance, or long for emotional release and relaxation, Raynor Massage possesses the potential to profoundly enrich your life. I wholeheartedly urge you to give Raynor Massage with Lily at Body Mind Care a try. It's an extraordinary and potent technique that has the power to truly revolutionize your physical health, sports performance, and emotional well-being. Hadar Orkibi

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