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The reason why I prefer Simpson Protocol over any other hypnosis techniques.

Did you know that there are different techniques of hypnosis?

This post is not to talk about all the differences (I know only 5 of them and trust me, there are a lot out there!), but to explain the main reasons I now use Simpson Protocol.

Let's go back to the concept of hypnosis for a moment.

A lot of people are still scared of this word. Like anything that is not understood, either we don't believe in it (at least we cut any possibilities to be scared) or we fear it because we have a limited knowledge about it. When we are scared, we start creating all sorts of myths.

So what is hypnosis then?

In a nutshell, it is your mind changing focus. From focusing on stimuli coming from outside, you start focusing on the stimuli coming from within. Your brain electrical impulses will slightly modify (from Beta brainwave to alpha and theta) to allow this focus to happen. In other words, it is a natural phenomenon that you can learn to 'control' (even if it is not the best word to describe it). Believe it or not, you are going in hypnosis states EVERY SINGLE DAY. To fall asleep, you HAVE TO go through alpha and theta brainwaves, before going into Delta, which is deep sleep.

Now that this is said, let's go back in time.

For a long time, I was like majority of people, scared of what was said about hypnosis but then on YouTube I started to see people using hypnosis to help people to let go of fear and trauma. I was fascinated. After binge eating all sorts of videos about this subject, I went for a session myself. My first experience was using QHHT from Dolores Canon. This is how I started to dive in this incredible world of hypnosis.

Simpson Protocol is the last technique I learned and since then, 90% of my work is done with this technique.

Here is the reason why:

  • The person hypnotized doesn't need to tell me the problem. If they suffered from a trauma, or there is something they don't want to talk about, I don't need to know, and it will still work!

  • The person doesn't have to remember or live again a traumatic event. Their 'superconscious mind' will protect them, and a problem can be cleared without going back to the traumatic memory.

  • The person doesn't have to speak. This help maintaining the person at a deeper level of hypnosis and they can focus on internal sensations.

  • The hypnotist (me here) is not in power. That is what I love the most. I ask question and it is the 'superconscious mind' that creates the changes.

  • The person can learn after a few sessions to do some self-hypnosis at home.

  • The person is empowered. They realise that they can create some internal changes by using self-hypnosis.

The Simpson Protocol gives self-empowerment back. It shows us how powerful we are, and it also keeps us humble. The person 'superconscious mind' is so mysterious, it knows so much that every time I am blown away to hear my clients telling me their symptoms or issues are gone or at least diminished.

It increases a sense of surrendering to an unknown force beyond our understanding, but with the power of our good intention (both the therapist and the client), it creates incredible results.

Simpson Protocol has been created by Ines Simpson. There are trainers and practitioners all over the world. A lot (including myself) do some group hypnosis. If you want to learn more, go to the official Simpson Protocol website.

I created some programs to help people tuning in a mindset of abundance and I have a special niche for women wanting to start their own business.

If you would like to book a session, please click on the link below for a free Discovery call.

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