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Why are you tired and overwhelmed with your business?

Having a business requires a certain mindset. You are constantly pushing yourself in the unknown. You are not certain that people will buy your product or service, or that your investment will pay off. Yet, you believe in it.

Hear this: The fact that you had the courage to start without the certainty that it will pay off at the end, means that in you is an incredible power driving you. Even if your mind is scared, you keep pushing. This is a POWERFUL STRENGTH!

Why do you have these constant thoughts that create problems, worries and fear, then?

The reason is simple. Your mind is set on a scarcity collective mindset.

From the moment you were born, you started to learn to adapt yourself in the environment. Every time you learn something, you had to make a choice and your mind started to behave a certain way for specific situations. For example, if you had to cry for hours to be fed, you probable learned some coping mechanisms to help you go through. Maybe later, you became a very loud child to attract attention, or maybe you became resourceful very quickly and started to work as soon as possible so you didn't have to rely on someone to be fed.

You learned to adapt in the best possible way to 'survive'. Your parents, your grandparents, your great, great grandparents did the same.

You have been unconsciously programmed to survive because for thousands of years, we have been programmed to survive!

There is something crucial that we completely forgot that is creating pain and misery in our lives: The world is abundance, because it is constantly fluctuating. Our thoughts shape our world!

  1. The Empty space in our world is NOT empty:

In the last decades, with the technology advancement, we are able to measure or understand better the 'structure of our world' and the mechanic that structures it, even though it is not a consensus yet. Quantum physics is slowly revolutionizing our old physics concepts. For instance, the empty space is NOT empty. It turns out that the empty space is actually matter, a fluid of invisible virtual particles popping in and out of existence in a time scale very short.

2- The observer effect: The act of observation alters the behaviors of the particles being observed.

Quantum mechanics is the study of how particles at the atomic and subatomic level interact with each other and their environment. The observer effect is the phenomenon in which the act of observation alters the behavior of the particles being observed. This effect is due to the wave-like nature of matter, which means that particles can exist in multiple states simultaneously.

In other words, your thoughts create your reality!

Check this video if you want to know more about it:

If you understand the scale of this discovery, we are literally creating our own reality based on what we believe to be true and what you focus on. Do you remember when you wanted to buy a car and you had a model in mind? Suddenly, you could see this car everywhere. The reason is because your mind became attuned to see this specific car, it was suddenly 'visible' to your eyes.

What happens if your thoughts are based on scarcity?

You are focusing on the problem, the limit, therefor it is IMPOSSIBLE for your mind to create a solution. When you repeat to yourself (consciously and unconsciously) that you struggle to grow your business, well your mind is limited to this, and it becomes a result. I have a business = I can't grow = I am stuck.

How to change this scarcity mindset? Exercise.

The first step is to become aware of your own thought's patterns.

On a piece of paper, you can start writing down on one column, all the negative thoughts you have when you think of your business. What do you always tend to say? How does that make you feel?

On the other column, write down an open statement you can believe. Every time you have a negative thought, STOP your mind and tell yourself the opposite.


I am posting daily on social platforms, and it doesn't do anything. STOP.

I am posting daily on social platforms, and I know that my ideal client is noticing them. I just know it, they are here, right now, coming into my reality. Repeat until it becomes part of you.


If you want to release faster your scarcity mindset and the limiting programs you have created in your life, I have created a 12-week program for entrepreneurs ready to shift very quickly their old scarcity mindset to abundance. The key is to go at the root experience that created the false belief. With the power of your mind, by putting you on an alpha and theta brainwave, we can shift very quickly your thoughts.

Sunday 7th of April 2024 (12pm NZ time), I have a free 1-hour online workshop to put in practice your new mindset. Click on the link below to register for FREE!

If you assist in LIVE, one of YOU will have a free gift of $197 value. Register today!

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