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Take care of yourself this winter

Winter is coming... The leaves are falling down signaling the time to slow down, to take a break and look around. All our senses are changing, the smell of the air, the sound of the ground hardening up beneath our feet and a sense of quietness taking place. The sun is playing between branches and we are now looking for the last warm rays of light to store as much Vitamin D as we can before the colder days...

Another cycle is about to start. Winter is also time to reflect on ourselves, where we are at in our life, what we have achieved and where we want to go.

The world, the society is in a deep transmutation which impacts us to the core. Changes are unsettling, scary because of the 'unknown', we are forced to change our old habits and sometimes we have to rethink completely our life (partnership, job, social life...).

The perspective and the way you look at your life IS the key.

What feels scary and unsettling is one point of view. The one we have been taught all our life, that we cannot control what is outside of us. If it's 'outside of us' we are the victim, we have to undergo this life and there is nothing we can do about it. It is completely disempowering ourselves.

If you change your perspective, you will see things differently, a bit more detached with a wider view point. You may see solutions you didn't see before. Imagine yourself in a forest. It's dark, you are lost, This is your life right now. Imagine now that you are climbing up and then suddenly you will see an opening through the trees and you will notice the forest underneath and the village behind. This is the other perspective, when you detach yourself from the 'scary' forest. You now see the forest and the village, you found the solution you couldn't see before.

All our life we have been creating programs upon programs of fear, powerless, anger, sadness, low self-esteem or worthiness. All those programs are reinforced with new updates (a new situation that will make you feel even more sad or disempowered). That is because you have been taught to always look for the answer outside of yourself, when actually the answer is within. These programs have been created unconsciously somewhere in your past.

This is my work. I have been through all that. I am now climbing along my the mountain and the highest I am climbing, the happier and the lightest I am feeling. My goal is to also show you that you too can climb the mountain and find your own solutions. You too can feel light, happy within you. You too can finally let go and cut all the heavy chains attached to you from your past. My work is to show your past from a different perspective, so you won't be afraid of it, you won't be sad or angry... you will look it from a wiser perspective, completely detached from you. The higher you climb, the easiest it will be. It's like training for a marathon. You need to practice; it's hard when you start then it becomes easier and you are progressing really fast.

I can see the result in my clients in the space of 2-3 months. They are completely different. Their anxiety, their fear, their worries, their anger is replaced with lightness, self-care, self-love, forgiveness for themselves. And they find the answer themselves! That IS the incredible beauty of it.

Today is a new beginning, winter is settling... time to reflect on yourself... what are you ready to begin FOR YOU?

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