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New updates and last news for Body Mind Care

Hello everyone,

Time is flying, as usual... and I can't believe that we are about to enter into April 2023... and with that, it brings some little updates for Body Mind Care.

From the 1st of April, Body Mind Care will be GST registered, meaning an extra 15% of my sales will go to the NZ collective fund from the government. So, it is a good thing, but I need to think carefully as majority of my expenses cannot claim the GST back (software and marketing tools are not NZ registered).

As you all know, the prices are raising up everywhere, the cost of living is increasing as we speak... so it was a bit of a scratching head for me on what to do to make it fair for everyone. On one side, I really didn't want to increase my prices and on the other hand, I offer quality work, I never finish on the dot (as you may have noticed...), plus I can't do more than 3 clients per day as I give a lot for each sessions (especially if you come for emotional work, you may have noticed that I feel a lot of things and I need to make sure I have time for myself to 'recharge').

The good news for you is that I did some little tweaks and instead of increasing all the prices, I added some services, and I also changed my hypnotherapy programs. Instead of doing 2 hours plus for one hypnotherapy session, I reduced it to 75 minutes thanks to a new modality I learned last year (Simpson Protocol), which is pretty amazing and fast! The good news is that the program is now cheaper, so more accessible to anyone!

I am delighted to announced that basically nothing has changed except the 90 minutes sessions (extra $10)!

Plus, I opened a few more slots (up to 4 sessions in some days) and I will see how it goes for me in a few months' time (financially and physically).

One thing I learned, is to take care of ourselves first, especially if we take care of others.

Therefore, I need to make sure I am strong emotionally, physically and psychologically to be the best support for your recovering journey.

I am also extremely happy to announce that I am now officially a Raynor massage teacher, and I will teach this amazing modality in June in Alexandra (Certificate 5 days) and in November in Queenstown (certificate + diploma). Brandon Raynor is coming in November to Queenstown to teach the advanced course. If you are interested in a career change, I highly invite you to contact me. The good news is that, not only will I teach this amazing modality, but you will also benefit from transformational massages and some of my knowledge I gained about the emotional body, breathing techniques and hypnotherapy (I plan on offering some self-hypnosis during the course to bring up your highest potential and release any old belief systems about yourself you don't need anymore).

Finally, I am planning on creating more workshops in town, the region, online and hopefully in France next year (if I could get away from Alexandra in June or July, that would perfect haha!). Self-hypnosis, heart coherence and breathing techniques will be some of the subjects.

My head is full of ideas, some I started to create, but it is a little bit too early to talk about.

But I can say I started to do some interviews with 'gifted' people, and I will create a podcast-interview on my YouTube channel to inspire you. We are all gifted, because we are Unique. Listening to some inspiring people can only inspire you to step into your inner power.

May we all find happiness within!


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