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How to create money with what you have

Money is the big word that everyone loves and hate at the same time.

For majority of us, we have been educated with a scarcity mindset around money. We saw our parents struggling, fighting or even divorce over arguments.

We have created, without knowing a big collective mindset that rich people are bad, self-interested and arrogant. On the other side, we all dream of having money, being rich, but based on our childhood we associated money with fear, guilt, shame, if we have 'too much'.

The big issue here is our mindset. The way we perceive it now. We have been conditioned to see money a certain way.

I talk with experience. Both my parents have a limiting mindset around money, and for a very long time, I hated money and rich people. I was angry, judgmental and I was the one selfish. Because we didn't have money all my childhood, I never learned to be generous because I was counting every penny. I was on a survival mode, and I couldn't afford to be generous.

However, growing up, one thing differed from my parents. I wanted to be independent financially, even if I was getting married. I always managed that. I wanted to count on myself, no one else. But I didn't realize that I was still holding a lot of guilt and shame if I were getting successful. In my old program (which I am aware now), I had to stay at a certain level, or my parents would stop loving me. My mind created this 'thought virus' that if I have money, I will be judged by my parents, and they will eventually reject me.

Very recently, I watched a mini course from Paul McKenna (a different course from this video above). He told a story from a man who had similar upbringing as mine. He didn't want to be successful because his mom was thinking that money creates selfish and bad people. This man followed a course to rewire his mindset with Paul McKenna and he finally released this old program of guilt, blame and shame. Within 2 years, he became millionaire, and he was able to pay a house for his mom, so she could finally have a nice place to live. And you know what she said? She was telling everyone how proud she was of her son who was rich AND generous. This, my friend, was my AhHA moment! This inspired me to the deepest level, because my mom lives in VERY precarious conditions in France (I am not exaggerating). And this inspiring story is making me think of money in a very different way. When we are rich, we can create wonders around us. It is not about being selfish, but it is about sharing knowledge, helping organization to thrive, and helping our family and friends to do the same. It is about becoming a light house to show people all the possible ways for them to find their own path to success.

You are the creator of your life! Only YOU, can change your mindset.

It is NOT YOUR FAULT (nor your parents or caretakers) that you have been raised a certain way.
But it is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to accept you have limited beliefs and YOUR WORK to change it, if you want a better life.

I share with you some little tips I learned thanks to my husband and some beautiful people I met along my journey. They are very easy to implement, and they will start changing your own mindset from being a 'victim' to a 'successful' person.

1- Create automatic payments for all your monthly bills.

When I met David (aka Bob), my husband, he told me to set up some automatic payments for all our joined bills. Sky, spark, electricity... and to add up a little more than what we have to repay. For example, our Sky account, we have to pay roughly $95 a month. We set up a weekly repayment of $30. We know this money has to come out, and we can't touch it. After a while, it becomes 'normal' and you don't think about it. So much so, that today, we checked our account and we saw that we have $900 in credit! We contacted them and we are able to have a refund. This refund will go into a separate account (see #2). This happened already in 2020, at the first lock down. Thanks to this extra cash, we have been able to cover the loss of income for a few weeks.

Do this for EVERY monthly bill, and I guarantee that you will feel amazed to have this extra cash in one year or more.

2- Create different account and set up automatic payment.

Don't keep your eggs in the same basket. Spread your money in different accounts.

- 1 for automatic payments.

- 1 for long term savings

- 1 for holidays

- 1 for short term savings/emergency fund (in case you have a bill such as the dentist, car repair...).

- 1 for lump sum repayment, if you own a house, to pay off your mortgage faster.

To set up those accounts:

- Calculate how much you need for food, petrol and weekly expenses.

- Calculate how much you must pay for your monthly bills (electricity, TV, phone...) and divide each of them by 4 (if you want to set up a weekly repayment) or 2 (if you want to set up a fortnight repayment), based on your pay.

- Keep your weekly expense in your main account and spread the rest into the different accounts.

Download this document to help you organize your budget.

Good savings
Download XLSX • 20KB

3- If you own a home and have a mortgage, split your mortgage.

When I learned that we could split our mortgage repayment, we jumped on the opportunity, not knowing what the interest rates would do in the future. We locked one for 12 months, one for 18month, one for 2 years and one for 3 years.

On the 12 months, we went maximum repayment. Instead of paying the minimum, we added what we could to lower the interest.

We also created a separate account where we put some money aside to have a lump sum at the moment of fixing the new mortgage.

I hope this post will help you to have a better way of saving money and start to see it from a different perspective.

If you want to work on your limiting beliefs, hypnotherapy is an excellent tool to find out your old programs of scarcity, let them go and replace them with new beliefs of expansion and freedom. Hypnotherapy can be done in person and online. I had clients in France, Australia, UK and USA.

Take action today. It is only your mindset that is holding you back!

Leave a comment below or email me if you have any questions.


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