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Get a discount on Raynor massage or Reflexology!

Have you ever felt lighter and transformed after a healing massage?

Raynor massage/bodywork and reflexology work at a deep level and help the body to restore balance in your nervous system.

Any type of massage I do, I help the person to connect to their breath which is the key to release tensions (physical and emotional). Often, I have clients telling me after a treatment that they feel lighter, a weight has been released and they often feel something deep has shifted.

Our body reacts to our environment. When we are under stress and worried for money, relationships, and life in general, the body records the feeling and store it. When you have a massage and you breathe through, you release all these stored emotions, this is why you feel lighter.

I went for an advanced Raynor course in Australia last week and I realized how much we store within and how much it is important to take care of ourselves at all levels.

I am in the process in collecting videos of some treatments to show others how breathing and bodywork can help people.

I decided to offer for a limited period a discount of $25 off Raynor massage and $20 off reflexology (feet or hands) if you agree to be filmed during the treatment. Your privacy can be kept as I don't have to film your face (if you wish to).

Videos are powerful as it can help people to understand the depth and the importance of bodywork. This is my passion and I want to reach as many people as possible.

If you would like to book for one of these treatments and have the discount, you just need to book online and add the promo code.

Raynor massage promo code: RAYNORFILM ($100 instead of $125)

Reflexology promo code: FILMFR20 ($75 instead of $95)

To book online, click in the link below:

The video below is a short clip when I worked on John. He agreed to share the video. It is a clip from a 2 hours Raynor massage. As you can hear, he was releasing some frustration during the treatment. His breath allowed him to release the stored feelings. He did not take his foot away from me, he was fully present in his body and allowed the trapped emotions to be expressed. For having received a lot of Raynor massage and seen that on some of my clients, I guarantee you that the person is feeling new after. Often buzzing, tingling, calmness is experienced after.

In 2019, I received a deep, transformative massage from my teacher Brandon Raynor. It shifted a lot of fear, anger, sadness, hurt I stored in my body for more than 30 years. I was transformed! (I remember telling him: I am Lilly 2.0!). After this treatment, my life took another turn, and I was feeling more present in my body and detached from old memories.

My goal is now helping people to also release their trapped and unwanted emotions.

Are you ready for big shifts too?

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