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Foot and Hand Reflexology

The hands and feet in Traditional Chinese medicine are very important. Hands and feet represent a full body map. 

When there is an unbalance in the body, often the feet or the hands will show it with some pain, stiffness, cramps, numbness, tingling sensations.

Lilly does Reflexology massage based on Raynor body work. She works a lot on the toes to release the core tensions. The toes, especially the big toes represent the head in Chinese medicine. With our stressful life and the tendency to analyze everything, the big toe holds a lot of tensions that needs to be released. 

A good reflexology massage triggers and releases some specific points. If there is tension, there is discomfort.

Lilly's reflexology is a firm pressure and the person is encouraged to breathe through to release faster the stagnant energy.

Lilly will work along the feet, and lower legs, for foot reflexology and the hands and arms for hand reflexology. while you will be comfortably lying on the massage table. Stretching, use of wooden tools, cracking can be part of the treatment. Lilly always bases her treatment on the person needs, health history and comfort level.

Reflexology increases blood flow, it releases deep tension and after a treatment, people feel lighter and can gain a better range of mobility in the joints.

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