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When you realize that life is like a conditioned puppy

Updated: Mar 17

And where it goes wrong...

Puppies are cute, they are fun, playful, adventurous, fearless… until your patience finds its limit. I can understand that having some ventilation holes in all your favorite pair of shoes may not be ideal for winter…

Let’s be honest, we can broaden the problem to any baby creatures, from kittens, pandas to humans. There is a learning curve there. Luckily, getting older seems to bring the wise genes back for all species.

So, why am I saying that life is like a conditioned puppy?

Everything you experienced since you were born conditioned who you are today. You learned the rules in society, the right and wrong, you learned the social and family codes. But you learned them by experiencing feelings and emotions. The first time your dad told you off when poking your finger up your nose, telling you it is disgusting (if the lesson worked), you stopped digging for treasure and you happily share the same disgusting face to your own children or dirty kid neighbor.

Let’s go deeper…

Imagine that now you can take a giant step back and you can see your life on a movie thread. How many UNCONSCIOUS behaviors created who you are today?

Some of these habits are healthy, but what about the experiences where something went wrong? You got bullied for being nerd, you’ve been told to hold your tong when you were not told to speak, you were ridiculed the way you dressed up… and so on…

Every single experience holding a negative feeling or emotion builds your identity you are today.

Imaginary reader: Wait a minute sherlock, are you telling me that my fear from speaking is maybe because in my childhood I have been told to shush? And the fear I felt got stronger over time with new experiences?

Sherlock: YEP! You’ve got it!

Imaginary reader: Well, I’m screwed now if it is my identity.

Sherlock: Not completely! It is a program embedded within you, but it can be erased and replaced with another one!

Imaginary reader: How?

Sherlock: There are several ways, but one of the fastest is to use hypnotherapy. We can go straight into your unconscious programs and change them by freeing the ‘emotion-virus’. Any negative emotion is like a virus. It spreads everywhere, in any aspects of your life.

Imaginary reader: Ohhhhh! So, this is why I feel uncomfortable in front of a group of people. I feel intimidated and awkward.

Sherlock: Yep! It probably is linked to one of this first fear.

Often, we think we need a big trauma to change our identity. I witnessed countless time in my clients that insignificant memories are the origin of the problem. While conditioning is a necessary part of our learning, it is important to become aware of the behaviors that no longer serve us to change into new, positive habits.

I would love to know one of your unwanted habit or fear you would love to change.

One of mine, was the fear of speaking up and loudly, to express my opinion. I come back from far, I created a lot of protective self-mechanisms. I slowly release them, by releasing the negative emotions linked to them.

Share your story!

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