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What type of Emotional Eater are you?

When it comes to food, it is often hard to pinpoint why we go back to the pantry, why we buy unhealthy food or why we have the feeling we can’t control our food intake.

Even though I don’t have weight issues, I certainly have an issue with the quantity where I tend to eat a lot and very quickly. I also often take a second serve until I feel completely full.

I know it has created in the past some liver issues and indigestion problems (which is healing well now). It’s only very recently that I had the AH HA moment of why!

So, I want to share with you what I discovered.

I found, based on some research and from some of my clients that we have 6 main types of emotional eating ‘issues’.

1- Emotional eater: The emotional eater will eat to feel better or to look for a reward. Food is the way to go to either to feel better because he feels negative, sad, bored, anxious… or to reward himself when he feels happy or when he achieved something.

2- Frustrated eater: This is when the person eats its own frustration or anger or irritation. As soon as the person is in a situation that creates anger, frustration or similar feelings, he will eat food to ‘calm down’ the inner chatter or the strong emotion.

3- Self-sabotage eater: This is more subtle. This is when someone will eat to self-sabotage or destruct himself. This is when the mind thinks the person is unsafe or trying to hide from something/someone.

4- Habitual eater: This is when the person has been trained to eat everything on the plate. It is also when the person heard over and over: No waste, food is good, that will make you strong, intelligent, think of countries that have no food, your grandmother couldn’t feed everyone during the war, respect the food, eat while it’s on the table (you never know what can happen tomorrow…).

5- Naïve-ignorant eater: This is when the person thinks that No-fat yogurt or zero sugar soft drinks is healthy. Food industry is playing with words to really trick us to buy more. There is no judgment there, but an awareness to have.

6- Addictive eater: This is probably the most popular. The person is addicted to junk food and highly processed food (any food that is transformed with preservatives, and artificial flavors to enhance the taste and create the ‘envy to buy again’).

The good news is that all of the above result from copying or learning from family and social environment. Therefore, it can be reversed! You can UNLEARN by realizing that you have a choice, and you always will have a choice! Then it is a matter of repeating to the mind the new outcome you wish to have in your new life.

Below are some simple little exercises, yet powerful for you to try and start breaking the old habit you don’t want anymore.

1- Identify your type of emotional eating from the list above (if you think you have more than one, write it down in order of ‘strength’). Example for me, it would be #4 and #1.

2- Take a few deep breaths, relax your body and focus your mind on your breath. Then eyes closed or not, allow your mind to bring you back to the first time you created this ‘problem’. Write it down, let it flow, don’t think, just write.

3- Start the changing process:

a. Write and say: ‘It’s not me anymore’

b. Write and say out loud: “I am now choosing to ____________________________”.

c. Every night before going to bed, read this statement over and over and put it into your kitchen, pantry or anywhere you have food.

d. Do it for at least 21 days and write the changes you noticed after the 21 days. Did your habit change? Do you buy the same food? Do you eat the same amount?

e. Share in the comment!

I am Aurelie or Lilly, owner and creator of Body Mind Care. My work is to empower people to find peace and happiness in their life by releasing old and unwanted habits, belief systems or emotions coming from the past.

I created hypno-coaching programs which are tailored to your personal needs with a strong focus on depression, anxiety and trauma release.

If you feel it is time for you to be who you want to be in your life and say goodbye to the old painful you, you can book for a free 30-minute consultation online or in person.

I am Looking Forward to Meeting You!

May we all have an incredible life full of joy, happiness and creativity!
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