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What I see is different from what you see!

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What do you see on this picture? Look at the details, the shapes, the colors, the textures... Do you guess what it is?

Not easy isn't it? This is a microscopic view of the eye of a bee.

If you look at each image below, you will see different colors, different texture, different shapes... from a very narrow view to a wider view.

Even if the focus of those images is a bee, your focus changes with each picture. And this is what we are doing in our life, we keep changing our focus. Let me explain.

When you were born, you sense of comfort, safety was turning around your parents (or care takers). Your world was their voice, their touch, their smell. You had no conscious whatsoever of beyond this 'small world'. When you grew up, your consciousness expended along your capacity to understand the world around you. Then with technology you discovered even beyond this world and started to 'guess' or grasp an idea of the cosmos.

What you knew 10 years ago is smaller in comparison with what you know today. We are constantly evolving beings.

Along with these discoveries you made, you developed some belief systems. They are based on your personal experiences but also based on the collective thoughts in which you belong. Someone born in Asia will have collective thought patterns different from someone in Europe or Africa.

In other words, we have constant outside stimuli that reshape our understanding of the world.

Now I introduce another concept. The quantum physic concept which stipulates that everything in our world exists because of different frequency resonances creating different shapes and forms we see with our eyes, hear with our ears, taste with our taste buds, feel with our skin and also feel with our emotion.

The quantum physic concept allow the human to understand to a deeper level the nature of living and its purpose.

What does it have to do with this subject?

Everything! Up to now, our field of consciousness and understanding was limited to what we could observe physically. All our society, medicine, technology is principally based on the physical aspects of our world. It's a bit like if we were looking at a very narrow point of view, like the first picture of the bee's eye.

When we will implement quantum physics into our technology, medicine and society, our perception and understanding of the world will enlarge widely.

Quantum physics is also the science of beyond the polarities.

Polarities (positive/negative- good/bad...) which are the physical aspects of any object or being are only a part of what composes wholeness. When you start studying quantum physics you quickly realise that what constitutes an atom (electron/positron/neutron) reacts differently when the focus or the goal of the observer changes. In other term, what you focus on will have a certain outcome, but as soon as your focus shifts, the response of the atom will be different even though you were expecting the same result!

Here is an example: Someone with very few money dreams to be rich. His goal (the result he is expecting) is to be rich. But his belief systems are the opposite: 'You can't be rich, money is dirty, only rich people can get richer, your parents worked so hard but never got rich...'. These belief systems are the 'unconscious' focus this person has. As long as this person will keep on this belief system, he will never reach out the goal only because it sends to the quantum field an opposite message saying : 'I want to be rich but it's impossible'.

Your point of view of the reality is what will create your reality. As long as you are staying on a narrow position within the polarities (positive/negative), you can't understand the quantum field, therefore you are always a victim of your life events.

Finally, what you see from your point of view will be different from someone else. If I ask you to describe the first picture, what you will observe will be different from someone else. Only because you have created your own reality based on your past experiences and based on your belief systems.

Who is right and who is wrong then?

Everyone and No one. Everyone is right because from their perspective, it is the truth, and everyone is wrong because one point of view does not represent the whole truth.

The importance of this post is that what we see or experience is not necessarily the whole truth, rather a fragment of it. It's only when we start to step back and observe from a wider perspective that we can understand beyond polarities and stay neutral (without emotion) to any experience we may live.

To be able to reach out the point beyond polarities, we must stop 'moving' in this world for a moment and stay still to quiet down the mind. Once your mind quiets down, your body will become limitless and you will be able to access the quantum field which is the creation of this world (the matrix).

There are no other ways other than going inward. As long as you stay active, thinking, overthinking, you will create more and more belief systems that will limit your understanding and make you feel as a victim.

You can create the life you want! Are you ready to step into the quantum field of creation?

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