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3 mind hacks to launch confidently your business

Updated: Mar 17

This message is for YOU, PASSIONATE WOMAN!

If you have a passion or a gift you dream to share with the world, BUT:

- You procrastinate a lot on how and when to launch it.

- Your mind is unclear about the message, the vision you want to convey.

- You don't have enough financial support to launch it.

I hear you!

I've been in the same boat, and it took me 3 years before starting something.

Let me tell you, once you start, it becomes easier. The first step is the hardest.

Do you know what is really holding you back?

Your MIND!

I am going to quickly explain why your mind is playing tricks on you.

From birth, you started learning to respond to different experiences.

Any learning creates a certain behavior (e.g., "My parents are doing the dishes a certain way, so I will probably do the dishes the same way"), and it becomes a habit.

Learning => behavior => habit

At the age of 35 years old, some neuroscience research suggests that 95% of our behaviors are habits. Nearly everything you do in your day is a habit. You wake up a certain way, you have a morning routine, a lunch routine, an evening routine. This is why we often anticipate our next holidays because they engage new parts of our brain. We will be out of our routine for a few days or weeks.

Now, imagine for a moment that your habit is built from a restrictive behavior. For example, imagine you learned from your childhood that it is very difficult to earn money, that no matter how hard you work, you will always struggle. This type of behavior has created a habit of working hard and never having enough. You unconsciously entered a circle with no other options. You have been programmed for years to think that way.

This is not to blame your parents or caregivers, but instead to show you how easily our mind can program itself through the repetition of the same behavior.

How do you break out of this vicious circle, you may ask?

The amazing news is that it is a mind-program, meaning you have learned this behavior. Therefore, you can change it anytime!

The first step is to become 'aware' of the unconscious pattern.

Here is a simple exercise you can do: If you have an issue with money, create two columns on a piece of paper.

  • In one column, write down the sentences you often tell yourself. For example: "I never have enough money at the end of the week to do something fun." "I will never be able to buy a house." "I will have to work until 70 if I don't earn more."

  • In the other column, write what you want to attract instead. For example: "I always have enough money to do a fun activity." "I have enough savings to buy a house." "I know that I am earning enough money to retire at the age of 60."

Read these new statements daily for at least 21 days and evoke the feeling of gratitude.

When you bring gratitude into the mix, you create a bridge between your desired outcome and reality.

If you join us for this free 1-hour workshop, I will show you 3 mind hacks to change your mindset around procrastination, creating finances to start your business, and having a clearer vision.

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