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What are the consequences of our thoughts in our lives?

If our thoughts create our reality, what kind of thoughts do we have?

And more importantly, do we attach to them?

A study shows that we may have more than 6000 thoughts a day. Majority of our conscious thoughts are based on our past which will predict our future. Our thoughts are stored in our mind like in a giant library that keeps all our experiences, and the body keeps the emotions attached to them. When I was young, I have been pursued by a - rather territorial- goose, and it ended up badly for my bum. For a long time, I was scared of geese, and I would not go near them. I associated for a long time that geese are dangerous. I would be nervous and scared when one was too close from me. Then one day I decided to stop this false fear. I learned how to behave in front of geese to avoid them to attack. I was finally brave enough to face them and witness for myself that I was indeed able to protect my Bum cheek from their terrible beaks.

Instead of being dictated by my old mind to be scared of an "irrelevant danger", I made the conscious decision to stop it and change my old behavior to a better suited behavior for myself.

This is a small incident that is quite funny to remember, but this story is similar to a lot of stories we have created along our lives. Whether it is fear, trauma, panics, anxiety... it probably comes from a specific memory or a cluster of memories that have associated to create body unbalances (heart palpitation, sweating, sleeping issues, anxiety, panic attacks, diseases...).

The longer we stay in our past, the harder it will be to free ourselves from irrelevant dangers. When I say to free us, I mean emotionally. The memory on itself is not the issue but the emotion we attached to it. I remember the experience with the goose, but I DETACHED myself emotionally from it. I even smile at it. This is a fun example, but I also did the same exercise of detachment to some more traumatic events that happened in my life (including an attempted murder on one of my parents before my eyes). So... it can be done to any types of events. The main criteria: We need to be willing to let it go.

What is the point of lingering onto an old memory that is holding us back from a free and happier life? Only our MIND and our BODY are preventing us to do it.

I often like giving this example:

Imagine tomorrow you wake up with no memory of your past. What do you think would happen? Would your behavior change? Do you think you would have the same thoughts?

If it's only our mind and our body that are holding us back from being pain free, how do we do

The answer is within you. There are billions of different ways to heal with all the different therapies/people...

Here are few bullet points that can help you on your healing journey.

- Accept that some parts of your past are holding you back

As long as a part of you denies or does not believe that you have a "problem", you can't really start your healing process.

- Make a commitment to yourself that you no longer want to associate with this past. You want to become a new happier, freer person.

The old version of yourself is no longer serving you. It is time to let it go, to release it to give the room for the new you. You are the one who can make the change, no one else.

- Make a decision to start actions

To manifest in life, actions are necessary. It opens the field of opportunities (which are endless). If you wait passively, nothing will happen.

- Connect to your intuition, your guts and your heart that will guide you to find the right people/therapies/podcasts/sports to help you toward your goal.

You are the best person to know what is good for you. Along your journey, you will meet different people/therapies to help you at the time. Then as you evolve, new people and therapies will come on your way. It is a continuum.

- Write/draw/vision daily who you want to become (physically, emotionally...).

The more you detail, the better it is. But do NOT attach to the how it will happen. Just trust your guts.

- Let yourself guided by your intuition to take action of your first step to recovery.

Trust your instincts (through the connection to your heart space). Every steps is a lesson. The more you trust yourself, the easiest it will be.

- Do not give up on the first (or any) blockages.

At the beginning, you will have some. It takes time to get out of your old habits.

- Meditate to quiet down your mind.

Meditation is a state of presence. Instead of being outward, you become inward. This is the real key to full, deep happiness.

- Connect with people that are on the same journey as you but a bit ahead, so they can show you some short cuts.

Listening to other people stories (real life or social platforms) can be very inspiring. Before starting my own business journey, I listened daily podcasts of entrepreneurs).

- Never ever forget that no matter how many people, therapies you will do, you are the one in power and you are the one healing yourself.

Others are facilitating some work on your journey. You must be open to the unknown to change and trust your intuition. So many of us are still looking for the magic pill or therapy... when it is a personal work and commitment...

If you have any questions or want to share with us, please leave us a comment!

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