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The mountain metaphor

This morning I had a great discussion with my dad who lives in France. We don't talk very often, but when we do, I really enjoy our conversation.

We often talk about a subject with the same outcome, but we use different words. I used to get angry at him because I thought he was judging me when actually we were talking about the same thing. We just have different ways to express it. It took me only 40 years to get it! 😅😅Did that ever happen to you?

Anyway, as we were talking about the world, my job, his work, he came up with this great metaphor that I often use in some of my hypnosis sessions.

The mountain metaphor.

Let me explain.

Do you feel sometimes stuck in your mind with the same scenario going over and over in your mind? Or maybe the scenario changes a bit and the results in your mind worsen by the minute?

Raise your hand if you have NEVER experienced that. Congratulations, you are a rare species👏! ✨️

Unfortunately, majority of us, poor victims of our mind, we have to put up with these constant thoughts fighting on top of each others.

Guess what?

This is when we are at the bottom of the mountain. Imagine billions of errant beings lost in their thoughts, unable to see beyond 2 meters. The trees are dense and it is pretty crowded down here. We are limited in our own mind, full of anger, sadness, guilt, shame and so on.

But what about this mountain, where is the link Lilly?

I know, I know... I am getting there.

As long as we are occupied by our own thoughts or by what others around us think about us (when in reality, they think about you thinking you think about them🤪), well... we can't really climb the mountain, can we???

When we make an internal decision that from now on, we will "learn" to observe our thoughts (and detach ourselves from the negative feelings), something magical happens💗. Our thoughts get slightly quieter, we can see others differently and without even realising it, we are climbing the mountain. Our point of view is changing, widening. Every experience becomes clearer, and we detach ourselves quicker from any challenges we encounter.

The more we practice, the easiest it gets and the higher we climb.

One of my storytelling in hypnosis is this little girl lost in the wood. She is scared, she can't see ahead of her, it is dark, gloomy and it looks impossible to get out of this situation. Now imagine this little girl able to climb to the tallest tree and suddenly she realises that 1km from where she is, she can see the houses from her small village. Immediately, her feelings become hope, gratitude, joy, and reassurance. She is not lost after all!!

Who do you think this little girl (or little boy) is?

It represents a part of you. The primitive side of you that needs to feel safe and comfortable.

The reason I am telling you this story and metaphor is because you have the power to decide where you want to be in this mountain. At the bottom, lost, scared, uncertain in making decisions or you are ready to start climbing this mountain to see the world from a higher perspective, where everything is lighter, easier and more fun?

I honestly spent a looooot of time at the bottom ruminating like a cow on its grass before starting my ascension. I don't know where I am on this mountain (I have a funny suspicion that there is no 'top'), but every little step forward is a blissful delight in my life. Less anger, less frustration, less sadness, more joy. Sometimes I stumble onto a rock and slide a few steps down, but I tasted the feeling above, so I don't stay as long as I used to in my "misery" created by my own thoughts.

This was the mountain metaphor.

Through this words, important messages are sent to your unconscious. Through stories and metaphor, we can bypass the barrier of the mind.

Did you have any insights? How does that make you feel to read this story?

Share in comments!!

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