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Sound Healing and Stress Release Workshop - Queenstown 29th of May

This 3 hours workshop is for anyone experiencing stress, anxiety, fear, burn out or any heavy emotion preventing you to feel and be free in life.

This workshop will be a mix of singing bowls (quartz), relaxation, guided meditation, visualization exercises, flow writing and theory about emotion and the importance to take some 'me time'. My work is inspired by Dr Joe Dispenza work, Ramana Maharshi wisdom, coaching techniques, regressive hypnosis and of course my own intuition.

The goal for this mini-workshop is for you to take some 'me time' to slow down the mental brain, to sooth the nervous system and to open your mind to answers you always had within but you never realized because of your chatting mind.

What to Bring for a better experience? - A Yoga mat - A warm and cozy blanket - A pillow - A bolster for your knees or when sitting - A book/paper - A pen - Comfortable cloths to breath properly - Water

How to book? Email me at with your full name, email and phone number. I will send you an email back with my bank account number. Put your name for reference. Once the payment is received I will send you an email of confirmation. -------Bookings close on Friday 27th of May or when sold out--------

Who Am I? I am Lilly or Aurelie and I am based in Alexandra where I have my own therapeutic room. I offer massage and I also do Hypno-coaching programs in person and online (emotional/life reset program using a mix of coaching and hypnotherapy techniques).

I use to be someone very stressed, unhappy, angry and depressed, you can name it! My healing journey really started when I arrived in NZ in 2011. I now feel empower, strong and happy and my goal is to show people that we all can be strong, happy and empowered. We just need to find the right therapies that will help us. I believe we all have a Unique gift to offer to ourselves and others. We all are complementary from each others. No one hold the truth, but a point of view. Together we create the scenery.

I am looking forward to meeting you !

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