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Slow down! You will exhaust yourself!

Who never heard someone telling you to slow down?

Me? Plenty of times! And to be honest, I need a reminder quite often.

Whether you are a super mom, dealing with kids, school, work, hubby and the dogs, or you are a busy businessman, always on the go, sometimes it is good to STOP, BREATH and ENJOY the present moment, wherever it is.

In the last couple of months, I caught myself working long hours on my business and having no time for anything else. My mind was (and is still) full of ideas, but I feel that I am exhausting myself and trying to swim in an empty pool.

This morning, I had no one, instead of jumping on my computer and try to solve things on my website (this is not my forte...), I meditated for an hour, and I listened to "awakening mind".

It gave me nice reminder that life is not always about work. It is not always about pleasing others. Just being here, and in the now, gives a completely different perspective in life. Even if we know it, we catch ourselves over and over.

I really needed this time this morning. Just stop thinking about anything, not the business and just be present with my own feelings, body sensations and thoughts without attaching importance to them.

When we give 'the space' of our mind to be free, our body to feel, without attachment or judgement, this is when solutions come up.

I often see the mind as a giant wall all around us. It has a lot of thoughts written on it. Thoughts based on our past, that are limiting our future. And this wall can come closer or wider, depending on our mood and our we are feeling. If we are tired, or scared, or angry, the wall will become closer.

When we stop, stay still and reconnect to our inner wisdom, we realize that the wall is illusion and we have limited ourselves to live this way.

No matter who we are, what we are doing, it is extremely important to have some daily quiet time. If meditating is an issue, just going out into nature without technology, just us and nature, can have already a big and positive impact.

What is your go to for your quiet time? Share! Your insights can help someone.

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