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Self-empowerment workshop - 3, 10, 17, 24, 31 August 2020 in Alexandra, NZ

Updated: Jul 5, 2020

Or How to break your old habits and live the life of your dreams!

Did you know that all your behaviors have been conditioned by some believe systems you created during your childhood and you fed them all along your life?

This workshop is for anyone willing to work on them to change their old behavior.

Are you completely happy in your life ?

In your relationship?

Do you enjoy your work or you deeply wish to find something else?

If a part of you feels unhappy, stressed, or is struggling to shut off the 'monkey mind', or wish to cut off some old behavior such as self-sabotage, victimizing, low self-esteem, etc... this workshop can provide you some great tools to start this amazing journey of meeting your true self and heal.

In August, I will hold 5 FREE workshops (donation is always welcomed) every Monday from 6 to 7pm at the community center in Alexandra. Places are limited, pre-booking is essential. (3, 10, 17, 24, 31 August).

Every week will be a different subject. However, all the subjects are related and each week I will go a bit in depth for you to understand the laws behind. Therefore, it is recommended to attend each class to start your transformation. During the course, I will alternate some theories, exercises and keep a space for questions and interactions. My goal is to create as many exercises as possible so you will start experiencing rather than listening with your analytic mind (monkey mind). My exercises are mainly based on relaxation, visualization and self-hypnosis.

My classes are a lot based on intuition, feeling and on subjects you want to work on. Thus, I will not have a detailed pre-planned session.

Below are the some of the subjects we will talk about:

  • Understand the concept behind the idea of creating a new 'me'

  • What are emotions and how they affect us

  • What are believe systems (including habits) and how they affect us

  • Tools to learn to calm down the 'monkey mind'

  • Learn how to 'rewire' our brain to think and feel in coherence

  • Learn to let go of patterns, memories, situations that hold us back in the past

  • Learn how to Be the Creator instead of undergoing our life.

  • And more...

If you think it can be beneficial for you, please contact me via email or phone to book your seat. Provide your full names, email and phone number.

A little bit about me... I am a NZ citizen but was born in France where I lived for about 20 years before starting travelling. I have a Bachelor in Clinical psychology (graduated in Montpellier, France), and I have created my massage and hypnosis business in Alexandra. I believe that body and mind are very connected and I found massage and hypnosis very similar when comes emotion topics.

My journey to awakening started a long time ago but it is only when I arrived in NZ that the deep work began. Once I've excavated my old habits and emotions (at least the main ones), I was able to transform my life to live my dreams. It took me a good 5 years, but today, I am where I wanted to be (for the moment, I have more projects in mind!). I am passionate about metaphysical subjects and I am constantly learning. I feel it is time for me to share what I've learned and experienced so you can also experience and apply it in your life.

My goal is to support people in their inner journey as I believe we can all create the life we want if we have the manual.

But don't fool yourself, it takes some self-commitment and work to break our old habits. This workshop is really to offer you some tools to start with, but you are the only one who can create the inner change.

To book your seat:
027 322 6285

Facebook or Instagram: @lillybodymindcare

Image top: Photo by Mohamed Nohassi on Unsplash

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