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Raynor massage a career change Opportunity!

... Or an addition to your toolbox if you are already a massage therapist.

Are you happy and beaming in your current job? Do you feel that something in your life is missing? You would like to create a positive impact in this world, but you are not sure how?

You can't afford a full-time study commitment over months or years?

You wish to learn a modality that can change people's life and have the flexibility to work your own hours around your busy family life?

If you are looking for an exciting, incredible, life changing career opportunity AND you are genuinely interested in helping people to feel happier, lighter in their lives, then Raynor massage may be the right course to learn.

You see, 7 years ago, my life completely changed. I was working a 9-5 job I enjoyed, but I wasn't fulfilled. I felt something was missing, I wanted to be more creative and make a difference in people's life, but I wasn't sure how. Fast forward, after a health issue diagnose, it was time for me to really think about what I wanted to do in life.

One day, while I was consulting my naturopath Sharon who simply told me: "Maybe it is time to change your career pathway?", the word MASSAGE popped up in my mind. I was worried as I thought that any course in NZ were a 3 years study. I didn't want to spend the next 3 years, full time, 3 hours away from home. I just couldn't afford this big financial burden and also, I wasn't interested to add more cognitive knowledge in my brain. l just wanted to work more holistically and trust my intuition to feel through my hands. I always felt that the body was holding physical and emotional tensions and no massage schools teach the importance of the emotional part (it's always focused on the physical body).

The same night I saw my naturopath, I googled 'massage NZ', and I found Raynor massage. I emailed Brandon Raynor, the creator of Raynor massage and this day transformed my life forever. Within the month of the first contact, I went to Perth to learn the 10 days certificate and diploma. When I came back, I opened my massage practice straight away. I didn't let my mind think too much, or else, I would probably still be procrastinating! It's only with practice that 'our gift' (or passion) develops. Because I embraced the unknown and I decided to trust my inner little voice, I felt guided to keep learning about emotion releases, bodywork and the role of the body and mind in our health. I keep learning everyday, and the more I learn, the more I realize there is so much to discover about the body-mind connection. Emotions and belief systems are for me the center of my work.

I told you my personal story because telling stories can inspire people to step into their own gifts. My journey brought me here today as a practitioner but also as a Raynor massage teacher for certificate and Diploma courses.

I saw my life transformed for the better after a couple of Raynor massages. One of my passions is now to share the core principle of Raynor massage with people genuinely interested in helping others to feel freer physically AND emotionally.

I would qualify Raynor massage more as a bodywork and breathwork rather than a conventional massage. Why? Because the power of this technique, when it is used to its highest potential, has literally the ability to release deep seated physical and emotional tension/blockages. I've experienced it, but I also saw it in a lot of my clients. When we are ready to let go, we really can heal our deepest pain (including trauma).

Often people describe a sensation of calm, serenity, peacefulness after a big emotional release. They also sometimes feel like a total new person as if the protective mask they have put on all their life, drops and reveals their own shiny light.

Who is this technique for?

1- If you want to change completely your career. You want something new and if you are interested in bodywork for deep tension releases. Raynor massage is recognized in NZ and worldwide. You can go to Brandon Raynor YouTube channel to understand more the technique.

2- If you are already a massage therapist or bodyworker and you would like to expand your knowledge to the connection between mind and body, understand the Raynor bands and the use of wooden tools.

What will you learn during the certificate and diploma?


- You will learn the contraindications, safety measures to take before giving a Raynor massage.

- You will learn the Raynor bands

- You will learn to do a head massage to relax the person

- You will learn to do Assisted Belly breathing. Important part of any tension releases

- You will learn to use chopsticks and wooden tool for a deeper result

- You will practice everyday. It is a hands on course.


- We will revise the bands

- We will understand more the role of the breath in a Raynor massage

- We will have some time for questions to create a thriving business in NZ

- You will learn more Raynor special techniques (including floor work)

- You will learn to use oils, cream and essential oils

- You will practice daily on students and open clinic at the end.

How long is the training for?

It is a total of 10 days practice with me. 5 days for each course. A total of 80 hours combined, plus the online course that must be taken before completing any other course.

What are the prerequisites?

There are several 'levels' in Raynor massage courses.

- Online course (compulsory before doing any other courses)

- Certificate and diploma 10 days or

- Combined diploma 7 days (with other teachers over the world).

- Advanced courses level 1, 2, 3 (only with Brandon Raynor)

It is possible to repeat any of the courses for half price.

For more information with worldwide trainings, go to Brandon Raynor website.

When is the next training?

A 5 days Certificate* will be done in Alexandra, between the 2-6 June 2023.

To apply, email me:

*You will need to complete your online course prior to the course. However, it is possible to attend the certificate course and do the online course after. You will receive your Certificate of completion, only if you have finished the online course and completed the 5 days certificate.

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