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Playing with words

Being. What is being? As human, you are beings, and being: Becoming One. This whole experience is for the soul to experience separation to understand Oneness, through physicality and through an appropriate vehicle (your body).

Oneness is an infinite possibility and a free canvas of creation. Through out your body, you are experiencing one of this infinite potentiality. You are like a point in the middle of the galaxy. Being this point means you are part of the galaxy and All Together creates ONE.

It is hard for an avatar (human vehicle) to understand this concept in its wholeness. It is beyond your grasps. What you can understand is that being is part of the process to become ONE. Being is a continuity in learning, understanding, experimenting, so ONE expands at All Time, it never stops.

One is Love, One is Everything and Nothing. Everything is what you focus on and therefore created, and Nothing is what has the potential to be created but is at a wave frequency.

Air is what is the closest from a wave frequency. It is here, you breath it, but it has the particularity to be everywhere because it is nowhere.

What is nowhere? It is NOW HERE. Which means the infinite potential of being created Now. It is partly your thoughts.

What are thoughts? They are a mix of your internal thoughts created by your avatar, but they also are some thoughts forms from your intuition which is guided by your soul and higher self. Your thoughts are also collective thoughts created by a cluster of similar frequencies.

How does your body receive thoughts? Your physical body is only the product of your True Self. Your physical body is made of an extraordinarily complex end-receptors of stimuli.

Stimuli can be physical, but they use all your senses: taste, smell, touch, sight, hearing but you need to add intuition. It is also a sense and the most direct to ONE.

Words are a symphony of signification. It has several layers. The more you use all your senses (especially intuition which is the main one and link all the others together), the deeper you will understand the layers of meaning.

It is a bit like a fennel, the first word is the beginning of the fennel and the deeper you go, the more you will understand.

Words are limiting. When you progress toward lightness in frequency, less words you will use. There will be no need. It is the beginning of telepathy.

Enjoy your experience, let yourself guided by your intuition, life will be even more fun to experience.

I received intuitively this message, and wanted to share this one as I found it quite fun and interesting. Take only what does resonate with you :)


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Emmett T
Emmett T
Aug 28, 2021

Thanks great poost

Aug 28, 2021
Replying to

Thank you 😊 You allowed me to re-read the post. It’s always fascinating to read again as I often do not remember… it’s always very spontaneous! 😃

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