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Pins and Needles in arms and hands – Raynor Massage can help

In 2017, I developed some pins and needles sensations along both my arms and hand from pruning. It was waking me up at night and I was losing slowly some grip and strength on my wrist to the point I couldn’t open properly a can.

In May 2017, I went in Australia to learn my Raynor massage course. I remember during practice, our teacher asking who wanted to volunteer for a hand/arm demonstration. I have been the lucky one and he gave me a two-hour session on my hand and arm. The result was astonishing - all the pain was gone, the big lump on my forearm had disappeared, the pain in my wrist gone and the pin and needles when sleeping at night also gone. I was hooked!

I had recently few shearers coming for massage during their busy and full on season. Some of them are suffering from the same type of pain I suffered few years ago. And one of my clients was telling me that shearers have an extremely high threshold pain tolerance and they don’t specially talk about their constant or semi-constant pain. It’s just part of life… I gave to this client one Raynor session on one hand/arm and his pain is gone. His hand feels lighter, he gained some movement range and the pins and needles feeling are gone.

I think there is some education to be done regarding body-pain and New-Zealanders. If we go back in time, we could attribute to the tough life in Alexandra. It was one of the gold mine area, very arid, and cold. It feels like the mindset from the first inhabitants of Central Otago is still very prevailing nowadays.

Also, we have the habit of choosing the easy way to get rid of the pain by using painkillers. While it can be incredibly helpful in some instance, it doesn’t fix the root cause problem and it may create with time other issues such as liver damage or increase tolerance threshold.

More studies of the body-mind system are now recognized by the scientific world as a holistic perspective instead of a separate entity. Therefore, is emerging new modalities answering or helping some area that modern medicine can only partially fix or answer.

Raynor massage is one of these answers. The approach of this treatment is holistic and considers some traditional Chinese medicine knowledge and apply it with a mix of other different approaches.

I do hope to see coming more people, especially males for Raynor treatments. It is time for NZ males to reconnect with their own feelings, emotions and let go the old habit of toughness. It creates rigidity in the body but also in the mind.

A human to adapt in his environment constantly changing, must be strong but also flexible.

I still have room for new clients and would love to help anyone ready to feel freer and happier.

Raynor treatment has more to offer as it works with the belly breathing and can deal with repressed emotions. Thus, the person needs to be ready to let go of their tensions. Where the tension is holding on the body, the release may be painful, but it always will be within your pain threshold. And the benefit from it is beyond what you can expect.

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