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Overcome Anxiety

Updated: Apr 6, 2020

Below is the link to my new post from my blog Present Intuition.

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Anxiety is a deep overwhelming fear that you cannot control. In normal circumstances, your sympathetic system (fight or fly mode) will be compensated with the parasympathetic mode that calms down the fear response. When a body suffers from anxiety, the parasympathetic system cannot be activated and it creates some unvolunteered body reactions such as heart palpitation, sweating, lightheaded, etc. Panic attacks are one of the results from an extreme anxiety.

But where does come from Anxiety?

All along your life, you have been building and creating through social, familial norms an image, or perception of your own reality. This personal reality has been transformed all along your life depending on your believe systems and experiences (good, bad, traumatic).

Any traumatic event if not released from your body will be stored within your body (in your cells and DNA) and can be reactivated if a similar event or situation comes back in your life. Sometimes, it is hard to remember the origin of an anxiety and you may have created layer upon layer of small fear that feed the big one, deeper inside you.

What does create anxiety?

Your ego is the primitive part of your brain that will react on fear and even maintain it ‘alive and well active’’ against your will.

Because the ego is primitive, it ‘thinks’ simply. Fight or fly. If a situation is making you feel uncomfortable, the ego creates a defense mechanism designed to protect you, by simply activating in your body, substances that will warn you of a danger (even if there is no immediate danger…).

The ego has tricked itself into fear, and to protect itself, it develops more and more defense mechanism (fight), and if it is not enough, it will avoid the situation (fly) to the point that you will slowly start secluding yourself from the world.

Keep in mind that it is only a defense mechanism who forgot it can be helped by a higher knowledge. It just does not remember because it is totally submerged by fear and do not trust anything or anyone but itself.

Even if it is a deep fear, it is only a creation from the mind (ego). once you understand that your mind is only primitive defense mechanism and does not control you, you will be able to heal from anxiety.

How to overcome anxiety then?

To overcome anxiety, you must start deprogramming your ego. For that, you must leave enough space to trust deeper inside you to slowly recognizing this little inner intuition that is free from fear, because it is your higher self. Imagine a movie. Your ego is an actor in the movie that only knows its part that it learned, and your higher self is like the director. He has the overview of the whole movie and knows exactly what the actor should do to perform well.

You must learn to recognize the difference between your ego inner voice versus your intuition inner voice. If you believe that the continual voice in your head is dictating all the feelings, sensations, emotions, you will not be able to heal from anxiety but will feed it and make it even more powerful.

If you are ready to heal, you will be able to differentiate your ego voice from your intuition/higher self voice.

You must realize that the fear is not you, but only a projection of your ego that only knows this interpretation (or like an actor knows only his own script).

What I mean by interpretation is the fact that continually, your mind creates some scenario in your head, worth than others. Each created scenario will be similar but with different outcomes that are always worth than the others and slowly you will integrate these creations as being part of you.

What is the mechanism behind the fear creation?

One of the natural laws on Earth is that what we think, we create. More you think about it, more you give power to this thought and stronger it can materialize in your life and affect your physical body and mind.

Because your body is linked to your thoughts and emotions, it will react to protect itself!

More you think about these very dark dense ideas, stronger they will become. It will stay around you, it will densify your aura, your other bodies and unless you decide to stop the process, it will just amplify your fear.

How to change this pattern then?

The 1st question you must ask yourself are:

- Are you ready to free yourself from fear?

- Are you ready to possibly (but not necessary) under cover some painful memories about yourself?

- are you willing to be active in your personal shift?

- Are you ready to become a new person?

if you answer yes to these questions then you are ready to start a shift within you that will free yourself from anxiety and embrace you knew true self.

To free yourself you must start to change your thought patterns. before changing them, you must start to be aware of your thought patterns depending on the situation that triggers your anxiety. When you encounter an anxious situation, you must start asking yourself few questions such as (but not limited to):

- why do I react that way?

- Why does my heart pounding? What was the factor that triggered it?

- Where is situated this feeling in my body?

When you start paying attention to your thought patterns, you simply become an observer of your own thoughts. By observing you thought without judging good or bad, you will see and understand clearly with time your trigger patterns. It will become easier each time you do this exercise. When you become aware you start slowly by changing those thoughts patterns, but keep in mind that it may take time. It can be long to change a habit that has been in control for so long in your life. For that to happen, you need to allow to forgive yourself and others. We can illustrate it with this example below.

It takes time before being able to walk when baby. You crawl first, then help yourself by holding something steady, then when your legs are getting stronger you start to find your balance.

Well… you need to do the same with your thoughts. you need to be patient and allow your old patterns still being present during the process. More you do this exercise, faster you will change your thoughts.

Below is a beautiful exercise that I use during hypnosis therapy with some of my clients. It is a very powerful exercise that can help you releasing your old patterns.

When a situation gets scary, scan your body and look for the dense sensation in your body, this sensation you cannot control. If you scan from head to toes, you will feel somewhere on your body a place that is not right, that is different.

Once you find this emotion/sensation, you can imagine it to come out of your body and becoming a ball. You can imagine it, feel it, see it, whatever you are comfortable with. Make sure that you take everything out and goes in this ball. It can take few second or few minutes, it does not matter.

When everything is out, ask this ball to find its own sparkle of light. Anything is made of light at the beginning. It’s only our thoughts that densify and lower a vibration. So, this dense ball has a sparkle of light.

When it found it, imagine that this sparkle of light becomes bigger and bigger to the point that it is transformed only in light. Take your time and feel the difference within you by doing it.

Once it is all light, you can ask this energy to tell you the reason it was in your body and what is the message to understand. Let the first thought coming up, you will be surprised by the answer.

Thank this light and tell it to go back to Source.

The last important thing to do is to fill out the empty space that is in your body. You must fill it out with a light emotion (happiness, joy, strength, courage…) or you can put a color as well. Once you know what you want to put in, imagine it pouring into you and filling out every empty space and take the time to breath in and out during the process.

You can repeat the whole process as many as you need. Sometimes you need to do it several times at the same place, it is alright, each time the healing goes deeper to the root cause of your issue.

Let me know the outcomes of this little exercise, I would be happy to hear from it.

Remember, your ego is just an emanation from your essence. Your ego is like a drop and you are an ocean. And it is far from what you really are. You Are.

Be kind to yourself. Take one step at a time and be grateful for every step forward you make, even if you do 3 backwards. At the end you will be free and happy, that is guaranteed!

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