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NEW - What is your gift? Podcast-Interview

There is a common trait I find in anyone coming for a hypnotherapy program: They feel stuck in life, they feel they want to do something different. Sometimes, they have an idea, and sometimes they don't, but it's a gut feeling. Whether it is anxiety, some level of depression, panic attacks or even trauma, deep down, there is an incredible need of change, of fun, of unknown!

Behind any habits, there is creativity. We are all creators in our own way, but life caught us into the timeless circle of habit.

Habits... the safe option

How often do we use our creativity? We are caught in this daily routine: wake up, get kids ready to school, prepare breakfast, shower, dressed up, work, lunch, work, pick up kids, do choirs, dinner, kids' bath, bedtime, TV/social media and sleep. It is more or less the same for all of us. Unless we have a job that requires us to be creative, we just embark on this daily train like a robot.

So, really... when was the last time you created something?

If you have been lucky enough, maybe you created something not long ago. How did it feel? How fast the time went by? Is there a potential in what you have created? If so, what is stopping you?

I have no time sherlock! I am already too busy to be creative!

You see, what usually stops us is ourselves. You would think, no... it is time! But time is an excuse. It is more the thoughts behind the idea of a change. Because changes are scary. Changes involve stepping out of our routine, our comfort zone we often don't like much, yet it is ok because we know what to expect. Same old thing, every day. We persuade ourselves that this is "normal".

I follow the "norm."

What is normal? A norm is set up by social conventions. Is considered normal, what the majority of people tend to do. If you go to Amsterdam, you will see majority of people riding their bikes to go to work. In New-York, metro is the norm to go to work. Normality does not mean you have to do what majority does. Norms change if individual behaviors change. Before 2020, it was unthinkable to work remotely from home. Now, more business adopts this new lifestyle. This last example was a 'forced' change. We had to adapt to maintain the market exchange.

Fear? Me? I have no fear...

Time is not the real issue. We always can change our routine to adapt to what we want to create. The real problem is the fear attached to it.

The procrastination:

How will I find the money to finance my project? I don't have enough space to start. I will never be good enough to do something like that. It needs to be perfect if I offer a product or a service. How will people find me? I can't ask my wife to support me during the transition. People will laugh at my idea. I don't even know if it is a good idea. And the list goes on and on.

I've been through some, not believing in myself, not having the 'money' to start, not having the 'time' to start, not being ready to start. Then one day, a shift happened in my mind (after a big emotional release with Raynor massage). I wasn't ready, I didn't have the space, the time or money, but I managed to buy my massage table, to clear some space in one of the bedrooms and I started to receive some friends in evenings and weekends.

It is often what is needed. Just starting somewhere and learn on the go. Something that my dad told me some years back, when I was telling him that I wanted to do something, to create something, but I wasn't sure if I would be great at it. He simply said: "If you never start, you will never know. You will learn as you go. You will make some 'mistakes' but you will learn from them." That inspired me because my dad has had a boss only for a few weeks in his whole life. He always creates opportunities to earn his own money and create his own business. He had a lot of obstacles in his journey, but he always found a solution. That was very inspiring for me.

The idea came while I was cooking mushrooms...

A few weeks back, in pajama with my glasses on, a spatula in one hand and pan full of delicious mushroom-garlic sautéed on the other hand, I had this Ah-Ha moment! You know this kind of idea that "jumps on you", and you have two choices: You grab it, or you put it aside for later, knowing that it will vanish... forever. Well, that was this feeling. I knew that I had to take action, like now!

I started to think of a name... What is your gift? came up.

Then I knew I had to pick up my phone and start asking some friends if they wanted to be interviewed. I knew that if I was thinking too much of it, I would start doubting myself, thinking it was silly, that I never interviewed people, I didn't know how to do it. So, I contacted my friends before my mind start the normal ritual of "you are not good enough". Straight away I had a few "Yes"! Now, it was "On", I couldn't back up! My friend Mila was the first one proactive, giving me some dates and here it was... the first interview was scheduled in a week from the first time I thought about that!

Life is always full of new potential. It is always here, ready to be reached, should we be ready to see it. This is why I wanted so much sharing stories of people, who like you and me, went through tough times, and they bounced back, and they followed their inner voice that was slowly bringing them to a new life. A life that was better suited for them.

The idea behind this podcast-interview

The idea is to inspire people feeling this "invisible call" to create something different in their life, but who are too scared to step in. I also wanted to show the incredible, talented people we have in the region that we don't know! Often, as an entrepreneur, you are on your own. And we also have this old, false idea that others are competition. Let me tell you something. No one is identical, everyone is unique. Whether you are an interior designer, a painter, a hypnotherapist, a coach, a baker, a real estate agent, you offer something UNIQUE, that no one else has. When we start comparing ourselves to others, we hold ourselves back from our potential. Even if you live a town where there are already 10 hairdressers, your style will attract the right clientele, should you believe it.

Imagine a world full of people using their creativity...

We are Infinite creators! We just forgot this incredible power. Do you remember coming back from school, bringing this 'superb' creation to your parents? How did you feel? Were you happy to show to people you loved what you made with your hands?

The sad thing is that we are not pushed to keep creating when we get older. We are more and more trained to learn what other people, books say. We learn to do a job and don't think further. This is why so many of us never feel fulfilled. We are natural creators!

If we were all working hand in hand to help each other's to bring to light our ideas, I believe we would be on a very different world and society.

Are you ready to jump into the unknown and find what is your gift? What is your passion? What would wake you up with a smile, every morning?

Don't hesitate to write in comment your thoughts, ideas, and if you are yourself a creator and would like to talk about your journey, contact me!

And subscribe to my YouTube channel for new contents!

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