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Message from Metatron

Below is a message receive by Mila, a QHHT facilitator during a BQH hypnosis session. She has been able to channel Archangel Metatron that has a message for all of us that are on the healing journey and are helping others to get their own power back. It is an important message that we should all read and remember. She allowed me to transcript it and share it with you.


I am Metatron.

Thank you for your openness and for the opportunity.

My message for humanity - that she has been getting this last days and has been resisting to share - is a reminder that each and every one of YOU are healers. You need to remember that the power is within yourself. The power to heal, to get back into alignment with source and your true essence. It’s not that anything is broken, it’s not that it really needs to be healed, but it needs to get back into alignment, be nurtured, be accepted as part of yourselves. So, it’s time to stop giving the power to doctors, to those who call themselves healers, who work with the energy. They are all doing their best, they are all being tools and a channel to produce this alignment to open the path for the realignment. But it’s time to take responsibility for your own essence, for your own soul, for your own experience. And remember that YOU are the healer of yourself. No one can do it for you, but yourself. It’s a decision, it starts with a decision. And I just come to reaffirm through this message that You are given the tools, either other people can help, either to the different modalities, the doctors, the modern medicine, the ancient medicine, any kind of tool you can think of. But if you don’t have within you the trust and the decision to change because all starts with that decision, then nothing, no tool that you use will help you in any way. Sometimes it’s a decision on the subconscious level but it’s a decision. So, it’s time to bring from the subconscious level to the conscious level to integrate both. So it’s time to remember and to spread the truth that the power is within each and everyone of you. No one is better or worse. You all have the same abilities, by the time you start using it again and you believe that you’ve got it and you claim it back, it starts to enhance again. So, your role here is to support people, for those who are still not awake, is to help them to remember, that they can do for themselves. If you continue to claim yourself healers, you are taking their power away. You’re telling them that they cannot heal themselves, that they have to come to you because you are the healer. And that causes a problem in terms of putting a lot of responsibility and pressure on yourself. So, what we aim for humanity is to come together as One, and as One you have to know that each and every one of you have the same ability. You may not have the skills to proceed, do a surgery procedure, because you have to know all the anatomy and go through all the teachings, that helps you to deal with the human machine, the body. But even a person who is gone through surgery, if they don’t believe that the surgery will heal them, it will be of no good. So, do you see how it gets down, again, to the decision that the person makes? It’s the power that is within them. And I want to make clear here that I’m not saying that any of these modalities are not valuable. They are indeed. They are tools. I want to make clear they are only tools. For you to get back within your true essence. So take responsibility. And trust. And we are supporting, when I say ‘’We’’, it’s all us in the different realms and dimensions, all the beings that work in the light, together: the Angelic realm, Pleiadeans, Arcturians, Andromedians, whatever you wanna call the different collectives, We are all supporting you on your journey and we are really looking forward to our gathering, to your ascension.

I appreciate your time. I am Metatron. And I am with you.

Lilly: Will you allow us to share it with humanity?

Metatron: Absolutely

Lilly: Thank you


Source: As a Self Healing Facilitator, Mila works with different techniques such as QHHT - Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique, Energy Medicine, Chakra Balancing/Clearing with Intuitive Reading and more. She offers her gift in Queenstown, NZ. To get in touch go to her Facebook page: Mila Loenert-QHHT Queenstown.

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