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Invent your life!

Updated: Sep 10, 2020

I've received today a beautiful text from my inner guidance. I love to have a white page in front of me, a pen and let myself guided to whatever comes up. Of course, this is my interpretation, we are all different, so take only what resonates with you and discard the rest!

This message today is about trusting our intuition and be more creative.

Life on Earth can be seen as a beautiful present you offering to yourself. Even though some experiences can be challenging, to some degree, all of you on Earth decided to live this experience under a myriad of lives.

Furthermore, once you are incarnated in a dense body, it is always challenging for you to remember that you are more than this body... you just forgot for an instant. Because you think your physical body is limited (shape, physicality), then you slowly start thinking that you are also limited. But in reality, you put your own barriers when you could go far beyond.

You have a multitude of example of people on Earth able to think above the average population. Take the artists or inventors in their respective fields, for example. Some can do amazing things with their hands, body, imagination and yet, they are as human as you are with their own challenges and difficulties. But the difference is that they focused all their attention and effort toward what they want to achieve. And so they start creating what they dreamed of once.

If you look around you, in everything you are doing, you will realise that every objects, tools around you, have been created by someone.

How is this person different from you?

The answer is your own fear and own limit you created to yourself!

It doesn't take much for you to also become an inventor, a creator or an artist. It only takes faith in yourself!

So if you want a better life with more freedom, be the change! Trust yourself and let yourself guided by your own intuition.

How to find your intuition you may ask?

Your intuition has a different feeling than the mind. It is easy to recognize. The mind is always scared and will always doubt. However, your intuition is your 'gut feeling', it comes from your heart space. It generally has a feeling of peacefulness, calmness with a very strong inner power.

You need to remember that you are All Unique in Expressing Life. Each of you and each of your experiences create Oneness.

If you start thinking that way, you will soon realise that there is room for all of you to express your intuition, your skills. You will also realise there is no need for competition.

Even if you have a similar work, product or service, the way you manifest it will be different from others and you will attract the right client resonating with and for you.

Stay humble, be happy, be creative and have fun. You will soon see how the society will transform as you do.

At the moment, your society is modeled on fear, limits and competition. What you see outside reflects what you feel inside. If you change within, you will see changes outside. It is a Universal Law.

You Now know what to do. Have fun, unleash your imagination and start creating whatever you feel like. By putting in action your creativity, you will soon be inspired to create more.


Photo by Ravi Roshan on Unsplash

Photo by Alin Rusu on Unsplash

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