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If you had everything, what would you like to be remembered for?

Imagine for a moment that you have everything you need in life. Perfect relationship, perfect finances, perfect work-balance. You don't need to think about yourself, you are covered.

That would leave you with enough space to create what you always wanted to do for others.
What would that be?

Often, we focus on ourselves because we are in survival mode. So, we can't really think further, or we don't allow ourselves to do it.

Right now, you can, what would you love to do? To leave to the world?

I was giving a massage yesterday when I had this thought. What would I like to create that would have a bigger impact on people?

Then I was surprised to see images of a retreat center in the middle of nature. Accommodation in wood and natural materials, surrounded by trees, forest and water. A place where different therapists could come and offer some weekly 'healing-cleansing' packages. A center where people could book in advance the retreat they want. A bit like a healing platform that would change, depending on the therapists.

Why do I ask this question?

Because we always focus on what we don't have for ourselves. We are always dreaming on how much we want to earn, on our next holiday trip, on what we want to buy... But we are 'thinking' small. We narrow down our ideas because we are still thinking 'survival mode'. What if we dream bigger, what if we dream of a bigger positive impact in people's life?

These ideas will extend our mind to new horizons. We are creators. Only our own fear is limiting us in the comfort life we know.

If your project seems too big or too ambitious, ask yourself, what are the resources needed? What would be the first possible step to take into action now?

For me it would be creating more group programs and meet more therapists to know them and see their strength.

Maybe the first step for you would be to reduce time at your work or listen to some inspiring authors or learning a new skill.

Just dream BIG and put into action the first step toward your dream.

Maybe this dream will change along your journey, and that is ok too.

Leave in comment, what you dream off. What would you like to create in your life that have a great impact for others?

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