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Hypnosis session: Unexpected Interferences

Updated: Sep 10, 2020

This is the audio transcription of a hypnosis session done in May 2020. Thank you to Melanie for sharing her amazing session. _______________________________________________________________________ This session is very special to my heart. Prior to this one, we had a attempt without success. My approach wasn't the right angle and Melanie wasn't feeling strong and 'powerful' enough to stop Aliens messing out with her. In the first session, every angle I was trying to come up with was straight away blocked by them. It resulted in pain in her body, misinformation and absolutely no result. We organized another session in the following days and suggested Melanie to realize that SHE was in power and SHE could stop that. I also had a conversation -prior to the session - with my own guides who told me to have a different approach, more with Love and Kindness. That would prevent my client to be hurt. The result was mind blowing! Melanie was soooo strong and powerful that she allowed these beings to transform toward light. Her work was incredible. She added her touch by drawing hearts on their chest and she could see/feel the transformation. She also helped releasing at a subtle level hundreds of other souls trapped by this Alien. This session is a MUST to listen to understand the power that we all have to free ourselves, no matter the origin of it. We all come from Source and it is time to help in the physical and invisible world all life forms to go back to light. __________________________________________________________________________ I am Lilly or Aurelie, and I am a Hypnotherapist specialized in clearing out all emotional blockages that prevent us to be free and happy in our lives. Blockages are very often linked to a traumatic experience from this life or a past life. Blockages can come from our own believe systems, some spirits attached (who had a body before but for some reason couldn't go toward light), and Alien interferences. I am passionate about this work and I offer online sessions in English and French all over the world. Nearly all of us have some interferences at some level. The reason is because we are all Multi-dimensional being and we have experienced a lot of different and traumatic lives that need to be cleared out and forgiven. _______________________________________________________________________ If you would like to book a session, you can email me or visit my website.

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