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Hypno-massage: option details

Choose 3 options of your choice and while you receive a gentle massage, you will dive into a world of imagination, metaphors and powerful suggestions to help you change your habits.

An experience out of this world, very relaxing and transformative!

Option 1 - Increase confidence and self-esteem.

Learn to be confident in any situation and accept the way it is with this powerful suggestion.

Option 2 - Rebuilding Trust

A world of metaphors and suggestions to help you building trust with others again and follow your intuition.

Option 3 - Healthy eating

This track will trick your mind to start exploring and enjoying new, healthier food options, develop your taste buds and curiosity.

Option 4 - Miscarriage: Grieving support

You will enter into a beautiful garden to gently support you in your grieving process and keep the memory of your beloved baby.

Option 5 - Remove financial worries.

A world of metaphors to learn to let go of financial worries and focus on solutions that will come from unconscious mind.

Option 6 - Stress relief

You will enter into a paradise where all your senses will be activated to send a profound feeling of calmness and inner peace.

Option 7 - Exercise motivation

Powerful suggestions to wake up the part of you that is full of energy and wants to keep active and fit.

Option 8 - Sleep well

A world where imagination will take you into deep sleep.

Option 9 - Binge eating

Let your unconscious mind release past experiences related to binge eating and learn to replace them with healthier ways of eating.

Option 10 - Alcohol moderation

Powerful suggestions that will help you to space out your drinks easily and effortlessly.

Option 11 - Stomach size reduction

You will dive into the infinite small and re-write your DNA blueprint to reduce your stomach size.

Option 12 - Fear of unexpected changes

Powerful metaphor to naturally help you overcome the fear of change and embrace new challenges with more trust.

Option 13 - Saying goodbye to someone.

Meet your loved ones in an imaginary world to say goodbye. Grief is a long process, if you have lost someone recently, you can contact me first to see if it will be beneficial for you or not. It is probably more suitable for anyone who lost a loved one or an animal some time ago and is still thinking about them.

Option 14 - Fear of bees and wasps

Retrain your brain to release the fear of stingy insects and learn to accept them without fear.

Option 15 - Finding motivation to lose weight.

A powerful metaphor to find motivation, inner strength to lose weight. Sometimes we are a bit lazy. This recording is particularly good if you are a people pleaser.

Option 16 - Sugar craving

Metaphor to learn to let go of the old habit of eating sugar. Particularly good if you use sugar as a reward.

Option 17 - Alcohol association

Learn to be able to say STOP when you are in situations where you used to drink.

Option 19 - Boredom eating

Use the power of your unconscious to imagine your home without unnecessary snacking food.

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