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Hypno-massage: a powerful mix of body relaxation and mind reset

Did you know that a few years back, while I was giving a 1 hour head massage to one of my client, I had this ah Ha moment: Why not combining relaxation massage with some self-hypnosis recordings?

This is how hypno-massage was born. I bought my microphone, learned how to record audio and add binaural sound on software, and the adventure started!

Over the years, the service has evolved. About a year ago, I came with a unique concept where I could use the same 'format', so people could choose up to 3 options of their choice, depending on their 'issue of the moment'.

With this new format, I can create an infinite choice that can suit anyone, from improving self, to performance, to phobia, to grief.

Why is it so powerful?

When you receive a massage, your body relaxes naturally, calming automatically your mind. This is why, often some of you fall asleep when receiving a massage. You are going naturally and effortlessly into an 'altered state' of consciousness AKA 'self-hypnosis'. Because, yes, any hypnosis is self-hypnosis.

You've got it, having a massage is the perfect time to listen to some positive, powerful recordings to 'rewire' your brain with new suggestions.

It is extremely safe. incredibly soothing and calming. You will feel here, yet nowhere, everywhere. Time is distorted, usually going very fast. You may fall asleep at some stage or feel in between, half awake, half asleep. I hear often that it is hard to describe because it has to be experienced to understand. The words that I often hear are "I saw colors, I felt incredible sensations, I could hear the words but I have no idea of what was said, I felt present, yet somewhere else".

The following days people report to see some of their problems from a different perspective. Some people were able to cut their food craving, improved their sleeps, and even ask for a pay rise!

This is a perfect introduction to the world of hypnosis. It is still a scary word for so many people, because it has been linked to some negative myths.

If you have done some guided meditation, or yoga nidra, it is a very similar state. While your mind calms down, you can access to your unconscious mind and create powerful and positive changes.

What is included in a hypno-massage session?

- 15min head and shoulder massage with an induction tailored to your goal (I ask you at the beginning of the session).

- 45 min back, legs and feet massage while listening to a 45 min audio recording with your 3 options.

- 10-15min post session to come back at your own pace and rest before leaving safely.

You can drive safely after, you might just feel extremely calm. It is highly suggested to not have something scheduled after, so your body and mind can keep processing the session.

At this date, I have created 17 different options you can choose from:

Option 1 - Increase confidence and self-esteem Option 2 - Rebuilding Trust Option 3 - Healthy eating Option 4 - Miscarriage: The garden of love Option 5 - Remove financial worries Option 6 - Stress relief Option 7 - Exercise motivation

Option 8 - Sleep well

Option 9 - Binge eating

Option 10 - Alcohol moderation

Option 11 - Stomach size reduction

Option 12 - Fear of unexpected changes

Option 13 - Saying goodbye to someone

Option 14 - Fear of bees and wasps

Option 15 - Finding motivation to lose weight

Option 16 - Sugar craving

Option 17 - Alcohol association

More to come! If there is a subject you would like, leave it in comment and I will see if I can create it.

I am also at the Central App: "Local Loyal tab", for this month, if you want to enjoy the free self-hypnosis recording if you book a hypno-massage.

If you have any questions, you are a button away!

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