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How to overcome overwhelming and negative feelings?

Updated: Sep 7, 2021

All our life we have been taught to repress our feelings and emotions. Don't cry, don't get angry, stop being so sissy and so on... We must keep the smile, look happy even if within it's a whole different story.

The problem with this is that emotion cannot be expressed, therefore they stay within and accumulate over the years. From our youngest age we learn to behave a certain way in our society and we loose some of our own identity to conform with the collective identity. If the collective think it's wrong or 'bad' to express feelings, we will keep it inside.

Our body is an incredibly resilient machine that will take on for years traumas, fear and any other negative patterns up to a point... This tipping point is different for everyone and it may or may not be reached in this life. But for some, it does reach the point of 'overwhelming sensation' which can be translated in different ways (depression, anxiety, physical disease, suicide thoughts, maniac...).

Of course it would be also complicated to see people suddenly explode in anger in the middle of the street or start crying at work. however, it happens and when it does not happen too often in the outside world, it happens very often in smaller clusters: at home.

Domestic violence is rising up while stress at work, in society is also increasing every day.

These are signs that we have created a very unbalanced life which creates a myriad of issues in our lives and our loved ones.

There is no magical wand that can solve this problem because it is an individual issue that needs to be addressed.

All our life we learned to behave in the outside world, to have a good career, to have money so we can have a good life. We learned to always seek for happiness in the outside world. We based our believe systems on always looking for something that will fulfill us because we were born with nothing and we must work hard to -maybe- reach happiness. We are completely mixed up, we think that money, power will bring us happiness and contentment. I bet that if you ask some rich people their main issue, they would probably answer the fear of loosing their money or power. So even if you have money and power, you are always at risk of loosing something.

We focus all our attention on the fear of loosing something, therefore we hold onto what we have and wish for an external power (for example Lotto or inheritance) to save us from our own misery.

At the age of 30, 95% of our day is based on habits. Nothing is spontaneous anymore, we just keep on our routine and our inner growing unhappiness.

But there is One very important thing that we forgot: Happiness comes from within. We are Beings of spontaneity and creativity. We are born inventors but we slowly forgot our incredible talents as soon as we gave our power to the collective which is based on 95% daily routine. Think about it, we saw our parents working and having a routine, we saw our neighbors, our friends having a routine, it became the only 'logical' way to live.

Routine is reassuring. We know the outcome, we know how much we will be paid, we know our job, our school, we know how the day will be, we know that at the end of the day we will feel "free' because we finished work... This is not scary.

What if all that stops...

Well it has in some way. The actual worldwide events we are having are separating us, cutting us from our reassuring routine. Yet we were often complaining about our job, about our life, but now because everything is changing around us, we are loosing our feeling of 'safety'. Everything is now completely uncertain, all our life we based on the past is crumbling down. So we are developing more stress, more feeling of anxiety and a sensation of being overwhelmed.

We have two choices in front of us: Either we stay in the same feeling of overwhelming and wish for our life to come back as before (when we were not so happy after all), or we take this opportunity to start working on ourselves to create the life of our dreams.

From feeling overwhelmed to become the creator of our own life

I personally chose the second option. I actually chose it 5 years ago when I started my own inner healing journey and business creation.

What do you chose?

How to become creator of our own life?

well it involves some work and inner trust. We need to overcome our feelings of fear of the unknow and embrace it. But we also need to clear out any internal blockages that sabotage our inner transformation.

We all have created programs from our young age (even further) that can hold us back in our life. Programs such as 'I am not worthy, I am not intelligent, I haven't studied enough, I am a parent and don't have time, I have an handicapping disease'... are programs limiting us in our creation. We find an excuse because we think we can't go beyond those limits we ourselves created. Look at the Olympic Games for people with 'handicap', they went beyond their physical ailments and found another way to practice a physical sport.

What matters is where we put our attention. When we start putting our attention on the goal we want to achieve and start creating toward this goal, very soon we will reach out our goal. If you ask some Entrepreneurs their journey, they all will tell you that they just trusted their inner instincts, and started to work toward what they wanted to achieve. Even if the route to achieve our personal goal is not always easy, as long as we are open to changes, keep focusing on a goal and start putting actions toward this goal, we will see how quickly our life will transform.

Start listening to some podcasts, learn something you always wanted to learn, find therapeutic tools that will help you unblock some emotions and feelings. There are a lot of free contents now, you will be guided to the right tool if you are ready to change and take your life in your hands!

The author: I am Aurelie creator of Body Mind Care.

My role is to accompanying people in their inner journey. By using different tools such as visualization, breathing techniques, regressive hypnosis, bodywork, I encourage the person to reach their blockages, express them to let them go completely. My work is all about emotion release whether it is at a physical level with massage or/and at a psychological/spiritual level. I practice in Alexandra, NZ but I also do online hypnosis sessions worldwide in English and French.

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Photo by Jason Leung on Unsplash

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