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How Mental Illness and Subtle Bodies are linked?

Note of the Author: I receive information directly from within (call it intuition, guidance...). So please take what resonates with you and let go of the rest. I decided to express what I receive but I do not pretend this is the truth. This resonates highly within me and I saw some incredible changes in my life since I started my own inner journey. I believe it is time to express, share what I receive.

This morning I read an article about mental illness. So I decided to ask the question about "the way mental illness is often approached in our society". I wanted to hear what my guidance would say. Here is the transcript.

With gratitude... Aurelie

Mental illness has the answer in the title. It comes from the mental body which is the siege of your analytic mind. This is the way how you approach the world. When you approach it only from a mental perspective (or mainly), you disconnect your own guidance from your body.

You need to see your body as a whole spiritually and physically and not only from a physical aspect. In your society, science is only based at a physical level. A lot of ailments are treated separately from the rest of the body. The consequences are that when you treat one area, you most certainly unbalance another area. As you are evolving, this is the time to include the energetical bodies that are surrounding each and every one of you.

Your physical body includes other bodies that have a direct impact on your life. They often have been represented in layers when in reality, they are more fluctuating with each other. Some may have different names depending on the information you find. This is up to your own discernment to find what sounds right to you. It is always very hard to explain some concepts that are beyond your linear comprehension of the world.

Before going into the link between Mental Illness and subtle bodies, it may be interesting for you to understand without too many details the role of each of your subtle bodies.

- First is your physical body. It is the denser of all the bodies and is directly linked and sensitive to all of your other bodies.

- The second is the etherical body. It acts as an amplifier or an antenna. It receives and sends information. This body is particularly sensitive to all your wave length, electro-magnetic field surrounding you.

- The next one is the emotional body. This body fluctuates the most. It is directly linked to your physical body by sending information to your wheel centers (chakras). The emotional body is also linked directly to your other subtle bodies, especially the mental and causal body.

- The next one is the mental body. This is the network where you pick up the individual and collective information. This is where you can create or destroy… This is like a bank of infinite information (where are created egregors). Depending on your vibrational level, you will pick up the vibration you are at the present time. If you are feeling sad or angry, you will receive info from this same level. In opposite, if you are feeling grateful, happy and joyful you will pick up on similar energies. This is where inventors take their information from. But this is also where dictators, killers receive information from. This is also where people suffering from ‘mental illness’ are stuck in. A big part of their energy is stuck like in a loop to think again and again the same or worth scenario or thoughts than before. A bit similar as if the person put himself a virus that do not allow him to get out of this state of mind. This domain is highly appreciated by beings feeding up on energy. This is where you can get some etherical implants.

- The next one is the astral body. This is the body that at night travels in time and space. This is where you are experiencing your dreams and nightmares. This is also highly linked to the vibrational level of the person. If the person is full of fear, anxiety, guilt, etc… often dreams, nightmares will be experienced with the same vibration. When someone think they had a bad night or feel restless on the morning, this is because the person went to bed in a low state of mind and the dreams were vibrating to the same level. This body is also highly sensitive to disincarnated beings that are trying to find bodies. When this happens, often the person will feel different in some situation. For example the person may feel angry when before it wasn’t the case. This is often an interference from a disincarnated being. They are very easy to release.

- The next body is the causal body. This is directly linked to the collective human history library (and beyond). It is what is also called the Akashic records. This is where all experiences are recorded. But when we say experiences, we are talking about experiences that are still holding an individual or collective emotional charge. In other words, as long as an individual or a collective are still thinking of a memory (or a future event) with some emotions attached to it, this memory will remain in the Akashic record until it is cleared out to become once again a ‘potential’ cleared from any emotional polarities.

- Finally the following body is the transcendental body. This body can be also split in different bodies, but there is no need at this stage to talk about it in more details. Just remember that this body allows the Unification of all your bodies to become One and to be beyond the veil of feeling of separation.

When a person is ‘suffering’ from mental illness, it means that the person is often too much into the mental body and will over analyze and over think everything. The problem is that every thought is linked with some emotions from the past (based on the person life experience and belief systems) or from the future (by anticipating the worse scenario based on the passed).

Depending on your personal life experience and on your belief systems, you will have different ways of expressing your mental imbalance via different ‘mental illnesses’. Here are few examples:

- Someone suffering from anxiety is someone that is over thinking every situation and is constantly trying to anticipate what will happen. It creates a disharmonic field within the body which creates with time more and more anxiety.

- Someone suffering from depression is someone that is too much on the past (often linked to a trauma), The person is full of regrets, of fear and is ‘stuck’ into some old memories that are held in the emotional field and also linked to the causal body (Akashic records). The person is constantly thinking over and over of the past.

- If someone suffers from TOC, this is just the way the body found a release of the ‘emotional overload’. When someone triggers a situation that creates too much emotion, to cope, the person will create a habit (sort of a mantra) to help to go through it.

Any mental illness is only an imbalance at the electro-magnetic field. The person is too much in the ‘electrical field’ meaning too much into the activity (brain activity). Even if the person isn’t able to do anything outside (lack of motivation or energy), inside the thoughts are constant and they never stop, until exhaustion, but even during sleep the person will struggle to find a good sleep. The reason is because the other bodies are vibrating at a dense level (of fear, anxiety, stress…) and during the sleeping phases, the other bodies are in a similar vibration. This can bring exhaustion to the point for the person to contemplate the thoughts of dying.

This too shall pass…

The nature of your being is to be impermanent. Anyone suffering from mental illness has the capacity to free himself from it. But as long as the person suffering is feeling as a victim or think help can only come from outside, the person cannot feel better. The work is an inner work that only the individual can do.

The questions are: If you are suffering from mental illness, how much are you committed to work on yourself? How much are you ready to go deep inside you to release traumas, fear, guilt, shame, sadness…? Are you ready to find some dark place within and release them toward light?

There are a lot of different therapies, tools that can help you. However the fastest is the one that will quiet down your mind. Meditation is the ultimate. Because Meditation only purpose is to go beyond the thoughts, is to observe without taking part of the feelings you observe. It is staying still when sensation pleasant or unpleasant raise up. This teaches you that you are not this body. You are animating this body, but this body reacts to stimuli of your environment because You decided to react to it. Meditation helps you to release and let go of all your past and fear of the future. You become master of your own destiny and realise how futile are all these fears from the past. You realise how easy it is to be master of your own life. But this is a deep work, it takes time and commitment. This is a journey you must be willing to give to yourself.

Are you ready to feel better? Do you wish to create your dreams? Do you wish to go to bed at night and feel grateful for the day you had and hopeful for the day to come?

If you answer Yes to all these questions, then it is time for you to start meditating and commit to it even though your mind won’t like it. It’s only a part of you that is saying this isn’t working for me. This is an inner ability that each human being possess. This is part of you. Meditation is a natural state of being. When you are constantly in the action, in the move, in the ‘electrical side of your being’, you are unbalanced. Meditation is the grounding, the calming, the balancing side effect, it is the connection to your magnetic part of you (your heart).

There are amazing videos, music tracks, teachers on the internet with free contents. You also can find a therapist, a group to guide you through out your journey. If you are ready to move toward your happiness, you will find the right person or the right tools.

About the Author: I am specialized on emotion release at the physical level (massage) and mind level (hypnosis). I offer a wide range of therapies that can assist you during your inner transformation. My services evolve along with me. I am like anyone else in an awakening process and my journey is still on. The more I free myself from stuck memories and emotion, the stronger I get to support people in their own awakening. We should never stop learning and working on ourselves. We are all students and teachers at the same time. I use different tools and I will create a program to your needs to feel free and happier in your life. I invite you to check on my website if you want to know more about my services and contact me.

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