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How "hard" do we need to hit the bottom before we "wake up" to our true self?

How long can we go on with our own pain and misery? Depression, diseases, anxiety, panic attacks, guilt, shame, anger, addictions... When we could have a completely different life.

I was just listening to the story of this beautiful cardiologist Dr Madalina Pretrescu who changed her life when she had the 'wakeup call' from a tremendous back pain. It's only when she wasn't able to run daily that she started to reconnect to her feelings (in her body) and realized she was literally 'running away' from herself and from her heart. She was fixing people's heart, yet hers was hurt and in pain!

That's it, we keep ourselves busy all the time, if we stop for a moment, we may start to 'think AND... FEEL". Oh NOOOOO! I don't have time to feel! So, we keep on going....

Then one day, when it is time to change... well... life let us know. Disease, loss, accidents... hit us straight and if we are 'crazy' enough to keep going (which a lot of us do), something else will hit us harder, until we have no other choice than stop (more deadly disease, big loss...). We have two choices, either we don't do the work and we keep on being a victim of our own story and things get worse, or we stop identifying ourselves as a victim and we start looking inward (who we truly are).

Myself, I had to go through years and years (20 years roughly) of pain, anger, depression, negative thoughts, and it's only when I was close to have a cancer that I had the real 'wakeup call'. I needed this fright to shake me so deeply to finally decide to live and enjoy my life every single day and stop being my own victim.

My story is no different from anyone, we are actually hundreds of thousands like this!

I created my conditions and misery because of my own thoughts that led to negative thoughts-emotions. I realized I was identifying myself to whom I didn't want to be! I wanted happiness, love, joy, be loved, have a purpose, but I was sending the wrong signal. My mind was busy thinking negatively about myself, about my life, and about people around me and my body was reacting with negative emotions. I was trapped in my own body and mind. I was the victim of myself. I was at the same time the tormentor and the tormented.

Only when I said: "Stop, this is not who I am", that I started to go from victim to a free human being. I wasn't prisoners of my own thoughts and emotions any longer. But for that, there was only one way, go within and DAILY do the work with meditation and reconnection to my heart center.

No one can help us, but ourselves! If we want to TRULY change, if we want to TRULY be happy, we need to do the work. And we need to be committed to ourselves. It took you years to create a mental health issue, a disease, a physical condition, it will take some weeks, months to reverse and change it.

But what a gift! Imagine to be happy every day when you wake up? Imagine what it is to have your dream life?

What separate yourself from health, wealth and true happiness, is YOURSELF!

I hope you won't need to hit too hard the ground before you decide to do something. Happiness is a state that everyone should feel. The earth would be a very different place.

But for that, we need to look into ourselves and embrace every part of us, even the 'darkest ones'. These dark parts are not us, yet we have created them, so only, WE can shift them.

Here is a beautiful and inspiring story from Sonja, on a Dr Joe Dispenza, weeklong retreat. It is very inspiring!

May we all be HAPPY!

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