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How does it feel to be hypnotized and what is my approach?

Updated: Oct 13, 2020

And the story begins…

Once upon a time, in a country far away, there lived a young sailor. He just bought a boat and decided to travel the world and collect objects from all over the world.

He was so eager to discover the world and all the treasures. He was a happy and free spirit and was enjoying his journey. He travelled for years and was slowly accumulating treasures in his boat. However, one day he realized that his boat was slowly sinking… He wasn’t sure where the leak was coming from, he looked and searched everywhere for the leak but could not see anything.

Then one night, he had a vivid dream and saw a seagull that could speak. It told him that the reason his boat was slowly sinking, wasn’t because of leakage, but because he had accumulated so many items over the years, the boat was struggling to hold the weight. He was running the risk of sinking his boat, his items and himself if he wasn’t doing anything to prevent the leak. The man wasn’t sure what to do. He was attached emotionally to these items and he didn’t want to let them go. So, the seagull asked him: If you lose all your memory tomorrow, what would your items represent for you then?

The man realized that his memories where in his head and that without his memory, the items had no meaning. His memory alone was important to remember the places he went to, and he could access it anytime he wanted. He finally decided to get rid of all the items he had collected and threw into the sea. It was hard to begin with, then he started to feel more at peace and more joy, and lighter within.

Understanding the mind process during hypnosis…

This story is one of the many stories I create during a hypnosis session. During our childhood, we heard hundreds of stories, and they were all very ‘real’ in our imagination. It is similar for adults when you read a book that you can’t put down. You identify so much with the story that you feel you are part of it. Yet, you are still very much awake, and know what is going on around you. You like the story so much, that you will focus all your attention on it and will ‘forget’ the real world. However, even if you are completely captivated, a part of you is still very aware of the surroundings. If a fire alarm goes on, you will get out of your ‘trance’ and escape without any issues.

When you go under hypnosis, the feeling is exactly like reading a captivating book. The hypnotherapist is the storyteller, he will bring you into a high state of focus so you can access your imagination which is part of your subconscious mind. The subconscious mind holds all the hidden stories (your personal memories) that your conscious mind ‘forgets’ because it may have been too painful or too much for your conscious mind to remember.

Powerful suggestions…

During a session, a hypnotherapist will change part of your personal memories or habits, with other stories more beneficial for you. It is what is called suggestions in conventional hypnosis sessions. The hypnotherapist will suggest you a new way of dealing with an issue. Suggestions are absorbed more easily when you are relaxed and in a state of hyper focus. You are still in control (remember, it is like reading a captivating book), and only you, can decide whether you ‘accept’ this new suggestion or not.

My approach…

My approach goes a bit further. I believe all stories have different scenes and each scene will create emotions or feelings for the reader. For example, even when you have finished reading a book, you may still feel some emotions for the main character for a few more hours or even days if you really adhered to the story.

Emotions are everywhere and at all time in our lives. They are part of us, and they define us. However, some emotions from our personal stories may affect us negatively in our present life.

My work is to help you find back the root memory attached to a negative emotion. When this root memory is found and brought forward into your conscious mind, it is usually enough to annihilate (stop, destroy) the issue.

I give you an example: George fell off a tree when he was a 4-year-old young boy. When he fell off, it took his breath away for few seconds and it really scared him. His mom was around and ran after him to check if he was ok. Her behavior scared him even more. She told George that he could have broken something or even worse. In his young mind, he created a strong feeling of fear, and other emotions such as fright, disappointment, anger toward himself. Furthermore, this incident provoked some body reactions such as heart palpitation, palm sweating, fast breathing. Because George was young his conscious mind quickly forgot about the incident, but NOT his subconscious mind. Then, he grew up and he went as a young adult for tramping with some friends. During one of the walks, he had to cross over a small stream with a very steep gully on his left. He suddenly started to feel his hands sweating, his heart racing and he started feeling short of breath; he was so scared that his fear became incontrollable to the point that his body could no longer respond to normal reasoning. From this moment, he started suffering from heights. In your rational mind, you would think, George got scared at 21 during this walk and it’s what created this fear from height. Even if George remembers this incident, because it is not the root issue, he keeps being scared for no apparent reasons. If George came for a hypnosis session, I bet his subconscious mind would have brought him back to the root emotion of falling from a tree.

Do you get the idea?

This story is of course created; however, it is inspired from real stories and memories I heard and encountered with some of my clients during their hypnosis sessions.

The amazing part when you come for a session is this: because you are suffering from an ailment in your present life, your subconscious mind will know exactly where to find the root memory. The subconscious mind is a bit like a librarian, they know exactly where all the books are in the library (imagining that your brain is a giant library).

Hypnosis: Fear based on false collective beliefs…

There is nothing to fear from hypnosis. I can sense from here that you probably don’t believe me. This word has been overused in negative ways and has created a deep collective fear of losing control and being abused. Actually hypnosis empowers people as they become more aware of their own thought patterns and can change their behavior in positive ways.

In life, anything can be used for good or bad reasons. I like to use the metaphor of a knife. A knife can carve beautiful sculptures, but it also can kill. Hypnosis, like a knife is only a tool. You must not fear the tool but be cautious of the person using this tool.

Last words…

Hypnosis can help alleviate a lot of different symptoms such as fears, trauma, PTSD, depression, anger management, anxiety… or even it can change a habits such as quit smoking, weight loss… and much more!

I adapt myself to anyone belief systems and I will conduct the session differently depending on the issue and the person beliefs. Some people may need one session, some may need more. Each session will be different. During the induction (the part I help you relax), I often create unique and beautiful stories.

I have a bachelor of Clinical Psychology from France, I worked in mental health institutes and I have been learning from my twenties all these different topics in psychology, wellbeing, NLP, and I am still learning. My main teachers have been Candace Craw-Goldman (BQH), Antonio Sangio (Introspective hypnosis), Alba Weinman and Milton Erickson's work.

Hypnosis works very well via internet and can be helpful for you to be in your own environment.

I offer sessions in English and French online (all over the world) and in person (in Alexandra, NZ).

I invite you to contact me if you are interested in a session.

May the force be with you!

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