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How can your poverty mindset curse your life?

How is your relationship with money?

What do you say about people that are 'rich'?

Are you secretly jealous, angry, disgusted with people with 'money'?

Do you wish to be financially abundant, yet you are against 'rich people'?

This subject is at heart for so many people, me included. I was born with strong anti-money beliefs, and I still catch myself sometimes, with negative thoughts around money.

You see, I was born with a parent (still nowadays) against money. I heard all my life: 'Money is evil, it shouldn't exist. If you have money, you better not to keep it or you may become a bad person, selfish and wanting more power.

It took me a good 35-40 years to really start changing those limiting beliefs. They were limiting myself and I couldn't think beyond those beliefs.

You see, the problem is not the money, it is the person who is using it.

I give you an example: If you replace money with a knife. Some people will use knives to create beautiful cakes, carve amazing pieces of wood... and some will use it as a weapon to kill for pleasure.

Money is a 'tool', a way of exchange. The problem is that we created our society on scarcity. Everything is hard to get. You need to work hard to 'survive'. We are taught to listen to our instincts, our primitive brain (survival mode). Everything is hard to get, so money is not for you. Then are added over the years a sense of powerlessness, not being good enough, becoming angry, bitter, jealous on what others have we don't.

We forgot that we are ALL CREATORS! We can create the life of our dream, should we believe in it... And that is the KEY POINT.

We have been taught from a young age to survive, to work hard and so we had no time to think differently from what everyone does: survive...

We forgot to believe in our dreams, and they became... dreams. Something idyllic, something unattainable. We 'survive', we try to find happiness during our weekends, get high, drunk, we escape for a moment the world we hate so much... Why? Because we forgot our potential! We convinced ourselves from a very young age (with our education, our parents - being raised the same way, by the way!) that we need to learn to be happy with what we have and keep our dreams on our pillow. Unfortunately, one day or another, we just can't lie to ourselves any longer. The middle age crisis or depression catches us up and we have two choices:

- Either we listen to our limiting thoughts (we are insignificant, we are poor, our job is not fulfilling, we feel trapped, we feel...VICTIM), or

- We say STOP! I will find a way to change that. Often, we need a big kick in the "butt" to choose this second option (we are so stubborn!). Usually a big health issue (cancer), the loss of a dear one, physical losses or bankruptcy hit us so hard that we finally "wake up".

All that is a MINDSET problem. We learned to believe in scarcity instead of believing in our potential.


The first step is to acknowledge and bring to awareness those thoughts. They are here, in you, they carved your identity, they created an angry, frustrated, jealous, envious part of you (not your true you), wanting more from the world. But did you know that 'rich people' with the same mindset feel the same way? Yes, they can have a cool car, a big mansion, but do you really think they are fulfilled? NOOOOO!

The problem is not the money, it's OUR BELIEF SYSTEMS! They say: Money brings happiness. Money brings freedom. Go tell that to some CEO doing 90 hours a week to keep their company at millions in revenue? Are they really happy or are they also lying to themselves? Yes, maybe they fly in 1st class or go once a year on an island for vacation, but what do they eat? Do they have time to have a beautiful meal prepared by a loved one, or are they eating all the time in restaurants? Do they sleep well at night, or do they wake up in the middle of the night because of the stress and pressure they put on their shoulders? How are their marriage? How are their heart, digestive track and blood pressure?

"Rich people" can also suffer from poverty mindset: I must work hard to keep the cashflow, I am scared of people wanting to steal from me, from all the work I have created, so I decide (unconsciously) to stop trusting people. And so on...

As long as we are in survival mode and we think that what is 'outside of us' creates happiness, we are running straight into a wall.

How to change our mindset, then?

1- As I wrote earlier, become aware of your own limiting thoughts. What are your beliefs around money? What did your parents (caretakers) say about money? What do you think of money as an adult? Do you have some opposite thoughts (I hate rich people, but I wish to be rich?).

2- Do the SWITCH task around this topic. Each time you catch yourself saying something limiting such as: "Doing groceries is so expensive"! Say SWITCH and create the opposite you wish to create: "I am so glad to be able to buy myself this treat this week. It feels so good!" (and feel it as it is true right now!).

3- Keep doing this exercise. Repeat, repeat, repeat. When you align your new beliefs (with your thoughts) and you feel it as it was here right now, you are sending a new signal to your body-mind that it is the truth. This is when magic happens. You are physically rewiring your brain to become a new person.

4- Focus on solutions rather than problems. When you think of the problem, you are rehearsing your victimhood. "Poor me, I didn't receive my parcel, I can't go in holidays, I have no money to feed my kids." When you think that way, you send the same signal: You are living in scarcity, so you live in scarcity! When you focus (mind and body) to solutions (even the smallest), you are sending new signals. I am not a victim, I find solutions. Even if they are temporary, they are solutions. I know I am worthy; I am, I feel abundance because I am full of resources! (What can I do right now to feed my kids? How can I save up money to go on holidays?). When you start thinking this way, you start to believe in it, then you start firing new neural pathway. You are changing your inner universe and it will reflect in your outer world! This is the key, and it is as simple as that. You just must keep believing in yourself, trust in the unknown and imagining the new feelings as if you were abundant here, right now.

5. Meditate to change your mindset. When we go within, we can change our belief systems and reset with new intentions, new elevated emotions and feelings. What beliefs you want to release? What beliefs you want to create? When we meditate, we reconnect to our heart, to our body and the mind slowly changes as it slows down. The key is to repeat it daily. Changes don't come in one trial. Here are a couple of "story of transformation" from some participants in Dr Joe Dispenza weeklong retreat.

If you want to release faster your limiting beliefs around money, book a hypnotherapy session (online or in person). It can be a great tool to assist you in your inner transformation. Never forget that you are the one in control, you are your own boss, and you can find any resources to help you. If you don't have the money for that, look for free contents. Solutions are here, right in front of you.

Only when you change your mindset, you can start seeing solutions.
If you think scarcity, you only see scarcity.

May we all be happy!

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