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Free writing at flow space

Earlier this month I went to Flow Space Yoga. Every first Friday of the month we have a moon circle gathering. The last one was about the welcoming of autumn, Angela our facilitator and owner gave us some words and write freely what was coming to our mind. This is an exercise I really enjoy as it comes naturally. I have been doing automatic writing all my life, and much more over the last 2-3 years. I feel the push to share. When I am in the process of writing, I completely let myself guided and I have no idea of what I write. I always need to read back.

May you enjoy as much as do.


Letting go my fear, my expectations. Just flow with the change.

Any change is a new opportunity to grow, thrive, learn and be challenged.

It's all about Trust and Welcoming.

Only my ego is holding me back to fully embrace the present moment. This ego that wants to protect, to control my thoughts, my actions in a linear way when in fact life is not about straight lines. It's all about trying new pathways... some hidden roads that take me to the unexpected Divine nature of Life.

Letting go is being free from fear and stepping forward with my eyes closed. The Universe holds me in his Magnificence. It loves me and nurtures me. The Universe brings me the gift I never thought would exist. I just need to trust the process of unfolding my layers of 'old skin' to rebirth in a body of light.

Letting go is the possibility to become a better version of myself.


With my hands I harvest those beautiful fruits from all my different lives.

What has been learned is nourishing my soul to the deepest.

It allows me to be what I am today. I am looking forward to harvest the next seasons to keep thriving and become a kinder and loving being for myself and others.

Harvest is also about sharing my fruits with others. Community is a powerful word for me to accept and welcome to my life.

It is time to share my fruits with others as together we can become the Tree of Knowledge.

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