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FREE Group Meditation for the Solstice 2021 at 69 Boulton Rd (Cob Cottage) by the Dam

Updated: Dec 19, 2021

For a lot of people this year has been a hurricane of emotion, life style changing, personal reset and like you, I went through it all...

During one of my daily meditation earlier this week, I felt the call to create a group meditation outside, in nature, on the 21st of December 2021 (if weather permitted).

Solstices are always very strong energetically as it marks the end and the beginning of a season.

It feels that as individuals, we need to release all the dense emotion we created in our mind and body, particularly anger, frustration, sadness, fear, anxiety... so we can welcome with a higher vibration the new year 2022.

When we are meditating as a collective, we are stronger as we are holding as One a specific intention.

The purpose of this group meditation is to:

- Release with love and compassion all the heavy feelings and emotion (Fear, sadness, anger...)

- Anchor/root ourselves into the Earth to active our Heart Chakra

- Focus on the intention we want to create in our life, but also for the Collective.

- Co-create the way we want to see 2022 (only good intention, no judgement, no hatred, just imagining a world with Unity and Compassion).

- Send Love, Respect and Compassion for our planet Earth and all the Realms (vegetal, mineral, elementals, aquatics).

We may be one, two or three facilitators that will bring our own gifts during this gathering. There are no specific plans, other than the intentions written above, and a call from the Heart to follow our Intuition.

If you feel the call to join us, the session will start at 7pm around the Dam at 69 Boulton Rd (Cob Cottage by the Dam on the property). We will be there from 6.30pm.

Please bring comfortable and warm clothes (if weather cool), water, tissues, blankets, cushion, insect repellent or anything that feels important so you can sit or lie down during meditation.

Everyone is welcome!!

The meditation will be partly guided, partly in silence.

This is a free and spontaneous gathering to Reunite beyond the division.

With Love,

Aurelie or Lilly

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