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Emotion Workshop ep2: Quantum Physics

Quantum Physics and Emotions you would ask?

Well believe it or not, everything is linked!

Quantum Physics is the study of the infinite small, the particle of light. Scientist discovered that 99.99% of our world is made of energy. You, me, the table, the computer, the music... everything is energy. And it's when we put our attention to a pattern that it becomes reality, tangible. It means it is the same for our own thoughts! We are creator of our thoughts!

So when we think negatively, or with a fear based, we will create in our reality the same vibration (fear).

You can change this pattern, or rewire your brain. How? First, you need to calm down your mind, next listen, observe your body sensations (meditation, yoga...). By doing these exercises, you will become more aware of your own thoughts and slowly change your old habits into new ones based on Love and kindness to yourself and to others. It is a practice and like everything, you will fail several time before mastering a new subject. We have been brainwashed with some believe systems all our lives. It is difficult for us to step outside of the box. But You can, I can, We Can.

Here is my second video.

Photo Source: Photo byDaniel JensenonUnsplash

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