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Are you experiencing some stress, worry or anxiety in your life?

“Hi mate, how are you doing?”

This is such an important question, yet we tend to hide our feeling with the famous ‘not too bad’ or ‘alright’ and we quickly send back the question to avoid the real ugly truth… “well I'm not feeling that good but who cares? She’ll be right…”.

And this is where it all starts!

How can we feel or be better if we start lying to ourselves by numbing our own feelings?

Did you know that for any experience you are having in your day, the mind records it as a memory but the BODY records the experience as an emotion?

How many emotions you think you have nicely layered inside you and never paid attention to it until… one day you start to feel physically that something isn’t quite right, but you don’t know what it is…

You know when it all started? It started a long long time ago… in your mother’s womb. It may be hard to believe, but the amount of emotion that the baby is taking from the environment, is pretty big! Regularly in my hypnotherapy programs, I have people doing some spontaneous regression to the womb and they all describe the same thing: I took on my mother’s emotion (fear, sadness, confusion…).

What we are not taught at school is that from birth to the age of 7-8 years old we are a giant sponge that absorbs everything from the environment to build our own identity. We observe, copy, learn and feel but we have no filters, no real ideas of what is right or wrong. Ignatius of Loyola stated: ‘give me a child until he is 7, and I will give you the man’. It seems that he had a pretty good idea of what he could achieve with a child versus an adult.

Imagine now all the emotions (positives and negatives) you have added over the years?

When we marry emotions with repeated thoughts, it becomes a feeling. A feeling is a belief that we create.
Emotions + Thoughts = Feelings= belief

It is like a computer program that we will run all along our life. If the belief is a feeling of love and being good enough, that’s great! But reality of life is often very different and we all experience some negative emotions coupled with thoughts which become negative believes (I am not good enough, I am a failure, I am not smart enough, I always will be the shame for my family, I can’t do something good in my life…). The more we repeat ourselves that same belief, the deeper we anchor it within. Like a computer program, you will even create some short cuts to access faster the program.

I let you think of the consequences in long term. It is important to note that because we haven’t learned to express our feelings (it’s nearly taboo to talk about it), we never learned that we actually can reverse or change it! Like any program, you can delete it and put another one if you want to. If this was taught at school, we would not see the amount of anxiety, depression and other mental health issues we are observing at the moment. We would learn how to release the negative emotion before it becomes a strong belief.

Unfortunately, if in our childhood we have suffered from traumatic events or negative experiences, the longer we burry our feelings, the hardest and the longest it will be to heal.

So, then the questions would be:

Do you have any belief systems that you have created that are impairing your life?

Have you ever released any emotion attached to some old experiences?

You may ask, how do we know if we have some negative systems that have a negative impact in our life?

It’s a valid question, and maybe you could ask yourself these questions:

Do I suffer from:

- Stress from work, school, relationship

- Emotional past trauma

- Financial issue

- Stress caused by a chronic or serious medical condition

- Restlessness, feeling tired, struggle to sleep

- Trouble to concentrate or memory

- Muscle tension like knot feeling in the stomach or chest tightness

- Strong worries in life in general

- Controlling the worries

- Panic attack

- Nausea, uneasiness, stomach cramps

- Sudden Hot flashes or chills

- Increase heart race

- Obsessions and compulsions

- Dry mouth

If you have ticked (said yes) to several of the symptoms from above, it may be time to think about yourself. How are you really feeling? What do you think would be good for you to do?

Often talking to someone about it is already a good start. You are not feeling alone anymore. Talking to your GP or medical professional is also recommended if you feel that the stress is taking on your mental equilibrium.

It is also maybe time to do something for you. First finding the source of stress and see if you can reduce it. If not, find some mindfulness activities such as relaxation, yoga, group talk, breathing exercises… anything that feels right for you.

The longer you wait, the worse the symptoms can increase and the hardest it will be to free yourself from it.

It is time to take care of yourself if you want a happy, healthy life for you and your whanau. We are a magnet. When we feel bad, we are emanating bad vibes, so imagine if you feel good how it would impact your life and the people around you?

I am Aurelie, I have been through depression, I had anxiety feelings and a lot of negative self-talks in the past. I have created some hypnotherapy programs tailored to your need. My goal is to help you find your own answers as I found mine (you are very active during the session as you talk and find your own learnings) so you can finally release all the emotions you have created during your childhood and reinforced during your adulthood. Once the emotion is released, the experience becomes only a ‘thought’, therefore your old belief systems disappear and we replace them with what you want to create in your life. In the space of 4-6 weeks you will start to feel a big difference in your daily life. Often my clients are telling me after session 5: “I can’t even remember how I was feeling a month ago, but I know I feel so different, my knot in the stomach is gone, I feel lighter and more present”. Once the hypnotherapy program is finished, you will leave with the ability to do some self-hypnosis and keep doing the work yourself. This is an incredible gift you can offer to yourself. If you are interested to know more, you can visit my website or secure a 30min free consultation online or in person.

With Love


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