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Benefits of having a Raynor massage and the body-mind-emotions connection

Updated: Mar 1, 2020

Raynor massage is beyond a ‘normal massage’. It is more a therapeutic body work that has the purpose of unblocking any tensions build up within the body. The main goal of Raynor massage is really to help the person to come back to a ‘re-lax’ (back to lose) state.

Our body is our daily vehicle and is sensitive to its environment and can quickly tense up.

Environment such as lifestyle (physical work, repetitive tasks, family commitment), but also emotional challenges can affect the homeostasis of the body.

Because from birth we build up tensions due to our environment, if we do not have regular body work/massage, the body will create more tensions leading to blockages.

Blockages can be situated in different part of the body. It can be in muscles, but also in joints, ligaments, tendons, even organs and bones!


Raynor massage is based on different ancient healing and massage modalities such as Thai massage, acupressure, reflexology, shiatsu, deep breathing, and even acupuncture. Often Thai tools are used for more precision, especially around the hands and feet.

In reflexology, each part of the hands and feet correspond to a part of the body. By starting to work on them, and following some specifics ‘bands’, it will release any tensions along those bands. What is called ‘bands’ are some palpable lines or wires we can follow along the body and starting from the extremity members. Any tight bands will feel very hard, bumpy, immobile and sore. Once we loose them up, they will feel soft and malleable at the touch.

The secret to loose up a band is to breath in and let go any sensations through the breath out. The breath is the activator and the link with the organs. A lot of emotions can be hold in the belly. The organs in Chinese medicine always have an emotional state attached to them. For example, the liver is the anger, the lungs are grief and sadness, the spleen is worry, or the kidney is related to fear and can cause lower back pain.

I believe that when something difficult happens to us, we will attach the memory of our own experience to an emotion. When the emotion is ‘negative’ it will affect the organ referred to it. But what is often forgotten is that the body will tense in certain ways during the experience.

I give you an example: Imagine that you are at work and are typing on the computer. You just received some bad news from your boss or colleagues and makes you feel angry. As a result, on an unconscious level you will tense your fingers while typing. The tension will travel up to your forearm and even shoulder. Ligaments, tendons, muscles will just tight up. It will unconsciously ‘engrave’ your emotions in the part of your body that tensed up and will also affect your liver. Each time a similar situation rises, you may start feeling pain in your shoulders, fingers or have digestive issues, but you won’t know why.

The whole body-mind is connected more than we think. Massages are very old, thousands year old. This nearly lost wisdom understands the dynamic of the body at different levels (physically, emotionally and spiritually). In occident, massages became more attached to pleasure and works mostly on superficial fascia.

Raynor massage is a unique body work that brings back this ancient knowledge and can be very powerful if the person is ready to let go.

Brandon Raynor is teaching everywhere in the world and you can find a practitioner close to you. He teaches in Australia, New-Zealand, USA, Canada, UK, Hawaii. I feel honored to share and keep learning his years of practice. I had amazing results on myself and some of my clients.

Raynor massage is beneficial for anyone having physical pains due to physical work or exercises, for athletes, for OOS injury or for anyone who wants to work on them in a deeper level.

Our body is a wise and very sensitive vehicle and tool. We need to take care of it as we take care of our children.
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