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3 things you have learned about yourself in 2022

A New Year, a New start?

Already 2023! it's hard to believe how fast everything is going!

Every year is like the end of a chapter of our "life-book", and the beginning of an another one full of intentions and commitments which often - let's be honest- don't last very long.

Taking the time to reflect on our actions and behaviors in 2022, can help us defining what we really want to create in 2023 and avoid us to repeat the same mistakes.

If you take a few minutes to reflect, what would be the 3 things you have learned about yourself last year (with difficulties or with ease),that will help you create strong foundations for what you want to achieve this year?

- One thing you learned in your personal life (relation to yourself)

- One thing you learned in your career

- One thing you learned in your relationship (relation to others)

Once you know what you learned about yourself, the next question is: How will it help you to build a happier life?


- In my personal life I learned that I need some free time where I can completely disconnect from my work and routine.

This is probably an area that needs to be more defined as I still struggle to disconnect completely from the business. So that will be my biggest challenge for this year. (That I know of!).

- I also learned in my relationships that the more I work on myself, the more people around me change (in a good way). When I am calm and serene, it seems to echo around me.

I really need to keep meditating and cultivating this calm side of me if I want to have a balanced and happy social life.

- Finally at the career level, I definitely learned resilience last year. I never realized how resilient I was, especially through hard times. I was able to find quickly solutions rather than freezing under panic.

I think to bring to consciousness this resilience skill will help me to jump more easily in the unknown. It will allow me to less procrastinate and create more and faster.

What about you?
What did you learn about yourself last year?

Leave in comments some key words that you learned about you!

Writing time!

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