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3 secrets to transform your life

Are you truly happy in your life? This is an important question, because if you really think about it, there may be some areas in your life that aren't fulfilling.

Often, we work hard, we can't wait for the weekend to be here, we are tired, stressed, our relationships are challenging, and our work isn't always fulfilling.

I don't know for you, but for me, 7 years ago I wasn't living the best of my life. I was stressed, frustrated, I was always thinking about the worst-case scenario, anticipating problems imagining that solutions were not possible. I had physical pains, I started to develop some pre-cancerous cells, my liver was a mess, my 'to be-husband' was handling as best as he could my grumpy temper and my thoughts were dark, foggy and sad.

I was a complete VICTIM of myself. And yes, that is the key, I created that. I don't say it with judgement or lack of compassion, instead I say it with lots of empathy. Because I couldn't see that the way I was thinking, feeling was slowly by slowly destroying me.

I had to have a scary wake-up call to realize that : "Holly Molly, if I don't do something, I won't live for much longer". That electric shock helped me to get rid of this false vision I created about my life, about my past. I was perceiving the world from a very narrow perspective: the whole world was against me.

Wait a minute there! Who created these thoughts? ME! Why some people are happy, they look enjoying everyday of their lives, even when they go through some tough challenges?

This is when I stopped complaining about my life and started to look of what was happening INSIDE me. I was ready to stop lying to myself and ready to look closely on all the false belief systems I created and making my life miserable (I am unworthy, I am depressed, I am scared to speak up because I can't speak properly in English, I am stuck...).

It took some time and courage to dive into the emotions of guilt, shame, blame, anger I was holding. And that is probably one of the hardest part when we are on a self-healing journey: Be willing to look at the 'darkest side of us'.

I can see that with my clients when I give a Raynor massage. This bodywork forces you to be true to yourself. The physical discomfort you feel during this treatment, are the accumulation of all the negative thoughts, emotions and beliefs you have created. If you don't want to unravel the 'darkest side' of you, you can't free yourself. When you are on the table, you have 2 choices: either you fight back and stay stuck in the 'physical discomfort', or you decide to surrender with your breath to the unknown. When you surrender, you are giving the permission to your body to finally release all these belief systems that are making your life soooooo miserable.

Whether I work from the body (with Raynor massage) or from the subconscious mind (with hypno-coaching programs), the goal is the same: Freeing yourself from the belief systems, the negative emotions that are holding you in the same mindset (I am stuck, I am in pain, I am big, people don't like me...).

What are the 3 secrets to transform your life?

1- Change your mindset with inspirational people:

The first one is to change your mindset with new role models. For that, you need to create new habits and as humans, we tend to mimic people we like. When we were younger, to learn to be in society, we had some role models. Unfortunately, when we are young we copy the good and also the 'bad', because we didn't have enough perspective to understand the world like we do now. But now, you know what you dream of, or at least, you have an idea of the direction you wish your life to go. The good news is that there are thousands of people you can follow, listen to, to inspire you. Find 3-5 people you really like because of their life style, their message, their story, and take what resonates with you. The more you listen to inspiring people, the faster your mindset will shift.

2- Take action:

The second one is to take action toward what you want to create. Listen to people is the beginning of the transformation, but at some stage, you need to take action to implement in your life what they preach for. It doesn't have to be big, just take small steps to start with. But when you take action, there is a magical alchemy that happens within. You are suddenly telling your unconscious mind: I am NOW stepping into the dream life I want. And this is a powerful step.

I give you an example. You have no money. You are on minimum wage, and you can't afford much. If you listen to some inspiring people stories who had nothing in their life, they started somewhere. What did they do to come out of this situation? Maybe, they were putting an extra $5 on an account and they wouldn't touch it until it was used for self-development? Or maybe they focused on listening/learning a new topic with free webinars, free mini courses until they were confident enough to start selling their own products? You see what I mean?


3- Invest in your self-growth:

The third secret is to start INVESTING IN YOURSELF. Oh yeah! This IS CRUTIAL!

If you want to make a drastic shift in your life, you need to VALUE yourself! And I am not talking about valuing yourself with a new smart watch or TV or holidays. I am talking about self-development. Whether it is going to a gym, having a life coach, going to yoga classes, trying different therapies such as kinesiology, hypnotherapy, breathwork, or transformational weekends, it is all about SELF-DEVELOPMENT.

When you start valuing yourself, you are telling yourself that you are worthy, that you can change, that anything is possible!

When I started my self-healing journey, I spent nearly all my savings to do some courses, and I did it several times. When you feel the call, don't wait for your mind to insert doubts in your intuition. Follow your guts! If I haven't spent the 30k or more over the last 7 years on myself, I wouldn't be where I am now. I would still probably be doing a job that would not fulfill my deepest desires of helping others. I just would work for someone else, making money and go on holidays 4 weeks a year. Take risks! Because YOU WORTH IT!


I hope that it will bring some new insights for you.

I remind you that I am a button away if you have any questions or if you want us to work together to guide you along your transformative journey.

Raynor massage is super powerful to free your physical tension, but it also clears the mind, your thoughts and emotions.

Hypno-coaching programs are incredible to reset your mindset toward a happier, lighter and freer life. From increase of self-worthiness, to sport performance, to anxiety and depression relief, to cancer support, hypnotherapy is a SUPERPOWER tool that anyone should try! It is that cool!

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