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Healing beyond loss: Navigate Grief Swiftly with Hypnotherapy

I was having a power nap when this subject popped into my mind. I wanted to write this post to give you a different perspective and different ways to help you go through the pain with a bit more ease.

Grief is a long, complicated, and one of the hardest processes to go through. Unfortunately, we all experience it at some stage in our life. Of course, every grieving process is different, depending a lot on the circumstances and the closeness we had with our departed loved one.

Over the years of practicing hypnotherapy, I discovered that when my clients come with all sorts of issues, there is often in the past the loss of a loved one. Even if it was 20 years ago, for some people, the pain is still very present with a lot of mixed emotions such as anger, guilt, blame, sadness, loneliness, abandonment... If the grieving process isn't completed over time, it can be detrimental for the person. The unresolved emotions stay within the person and create a cascade of problems in the body and mind. To rebalance the person's nervous system, it is extremely important to bring closure to all the unconscious emotions lingering in the mind.

I often have clients still thinking about someone who passed away 20 years ago on a daily basis. I guarantee you that it creates a lot of issues in the present. Lack of energy, unconscious guilt, feeling abandoned or lonely, unfairness, frustration... And the list can go on.

If anything resonates with you, maybe it is time to free yourself from this pain. If you have lost someone some years back and it still brings a big amount of pain in your heart and your mind, it can be improved. The best present you can give to yourself is to release all the negative thoughts and emotions you have developed over the years, especially if there is some guilt or blame. This is extremely destructive in the long run.

What to do?

The first thing, and the most important is asking yourself this question:

- Are you ready to let go of the pain?

The hardest question:

- Is every part of you deserving to let go of the pain?

If your answer is no, that means a part of you is still punishing yourself for what happened in the past. As long as you believe this, you won't be able to heal.

If you said yes, then it will be easy for you to finally let go of all the heavy feelings.

When my clients finally release their pain during a session, they ALWAYS experience a sense of peace and lightness within. They are also able to see the past from another perspective, able to be more detached and forgiving for themselves or others. When they think of their loved ones, they remember from the heart, without the pain. All the guilt and pain have vanished. They can function better in life.

In a hypnotherapy session, I am with

you, supporting you during the process. We often bring back the departed one to have closure. This is done at the 'superconscious mind' level. It is often beautiful to witness, and it creates powerful shifts.

You have a mind that has the power to heal. Hypnotherapy with Simpson Protocol (SP) is an incredible modality that helps transform my clients very quickly. In the space of 5-6 sessions, powerful resets are created.

If you want to discuss how a hypno-coaching program can help you, you can book a 30min discovery consultation (please note that there won't be any hypnosis done in this session).

May we all be free from pain.

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