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Healthy weight balance


A Holistic Hypno-coaching program to feel confident in your body!

Welcome to your Holistic Healthy Weight Program, where you embrace the power of a comprehensive approach to help you achieve your weight and wellness goals. True transformation goes beyond just physical changes; it requires addressing the interconnectedness of your body, mind, emotions, and environment.

This program is designed to be a nurturing space, free from judgment, where you are supported in exploring the root causes of your struggles with weight and body image. This holistic methodology empowers you to develop a positive relationship with your body, fostering self-acceptance and self-love.

This personalized coaching sessions delve into your unique needs, challenges, and aspirations. Lilly will guide you on a journey of self-discovery, helping you uncover and release emotional blocks that might be hindering your progress. Together, we focus on enhancing your mental resilience, improving self-confidence, and creating a healthy mindset that aligns with your wellness goals.

As you progress through the program, you'll experience a shift in your perception of your body and your relationship with food. The aim is for you to feel empowered, confident, and proud of your unique journey, no matter the pace or scale of your progress. 

Embrace the transformative power of your "Holistic Healthy Weight Program", where you'll embark on a journey of self-discovery, empowerment, and holistic well-being to create a positive body image, and ultimately, inspire you to live a life you love.

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Your Healthy weight program in detail

The different aspects we will cover during this program are:

Holistic Approach: Emphasizing the interconnectedness of physical, emotional, mental, and environmental aspects for lasting transformation.

Positive Body Image: Addressing negative body image issues and fostering self-acceptance and self-love.

Emotional Well-being: Exploring and releasing emotional blocks that may impact weight management.

Mental Resilience: Building a healthy mindset, empowering you to overcome challenges and stay motivated.

Personalized Coaching: Tailoring the program to your unique needs, challenges, and aspirations.

Balanced Nutrition: Crafting personalized diet based on your metabolism.

Mindful Eating: Encouraging a conscious and pleasurable relationship with food.

Enjoyable Movement: Embracing physical activities that bring joy and fit into your lifestyle.

Supportive Environment: Assessing and creating surroundings that foster healthy habits and positive change.

Sustainable Habits: Promoting long-term lifestyle changes for continued well-being.

Celebration of Milestones: Acknowledging every achievement and progress made along the journey.

Ongoing Support: Offering continuous assistance and guidance beyond the program's completion.

Guided Meditation

Healthy weight balance program: A six sessions, twelve weeks hypno-coaching program

This program spans six immersive sessions, thoughtfully spread over 12 weeks, providing you with ample time to metabolize the changes and integrate empowering practices into your daily life. With a focus on nurturing self-trust and inner strength, each session will guide you in cultivating a positive mindset, releasing emotional blockages, and embracing nourishing habits. Between sessions, you'll have the space to engage in personalized exercises, discovering and experiencing the transformative power of your choices.

Together, we will unveil the incredible potential that lies within, igniting the spark of self-confidence and self-love that will change your life perspective.

A powerful questionnaire to start this journey

If you are ready to start your journey toward a healthy weight balance, fill out this form. 

Allow 20 minutes of your time to answer as thoroughly as possible these questions. It will be the archetype to build a tailored hypno-coaching program. All information is kept confidentially and only used for your program.

prices and length

All sessions are 75 to 90 minutes long.

Fast. durable and effective!

Healthy weight balance


6 hypno-coaching sessions

Exercises & coaching between sessions

Audio recordings to improve your body image, self-esteem and self-growth

12 weeks coaching

A comprehensive package for a deeper transformation.



I have recently worked using hypnotherapy with Lilly. She is awesome and took me through some issues I didn’t know I was holding onto from years ago. I feel like I have been rewired and feel more alive. I was initially a bit skeptical about the process but have embraced it and as Lilly stepped me through different emotions each week more things were addressed and worked on. I would definitely recommend Lilly to anyone who is ready to make changes and have a happier life.

~ Ann M.


If you are ready for the change today, contact me now and we can organize a phone call.

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