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Natural therapies online and in person for physical and emotional releases.

Body Mind Care Vision and mission

My work is founded on the belief that the power of our thoughts shapes our reality. Our past experiences, as perceived and reacted to, have the potential to influence the trajectory of our lives. When we embrace thoughts that resonate as true, we unleash a transformative force within ourselves, sending positive signals to our body and reprogramming our very being. Conversely, the repetition of negative thoughts can gradually disrupt our inner balance, leading to physical and emotional distress, such as pain, anxiety, depression, and even illness.

Restoring harmony is within our reach through the release of physical and emotional tensions, both in the body and the mind. With a multidisciplinary and holistic approach, I acknowledge the intricate interconnectedness of the mind and body, treating them as a unified entity. While the body responds with feelings, sensations, and emotions, the mind holds the root memories of our past experiences.


To embark on this transformative journey, all you need is an openness to a fresh way of thinking and feeling. I will serve as your guide, teaching you to trust your intuition, utilizing breathwork, mind work, and bodywork techniques to facilitate the release of old mindsets. You are a unique individual, on your own personal path, whether you seek a profound reset or simply a conventional massage. Rest assured, I will provide a safe and nurturing space where you can feel comfortable and supported throughout your experience.


empower your mind, transform your future.
a 3 week self-pace course

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Only $97!

This course is specifically crafted for future entrepreneurs to create success, abundance and gain self-confidence in entrepreneurial and personal decisions. 

3 powerful self-hypnosis sessions on demand!

- Increase self-confidence

- Release money insecurity

- Gain focus, clarity and creativity

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Hypnotherapy helped me immensely! I fully recommend Hypnotherapy Body Mind Care to everyone. The program was in many ways life changing, and I am very glad I took the leap of faith to try something that at the time of signing up I could only hope that it would help me after hearing from many people how powerful it is. During my program I could feel the change for the good and once completed I was very much aware of how much it helped me. You must realise though, you need to be open to change and healing and have the mentality to put in the work. You are in control of your own results working with the Hypnotherapist as one. The mind is a powerful thing and I can safely say from where I was to where I am now is an obvious difference of night and day. Think about this - If you have a mountain to climb, don’t think that waiting or pushing it a side will make it smaller or go away.

~ Quinton W.

(Hypno-coaching program)


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free self-hypnosis audio

Indulge in these potent and complimentary self-hypnosis audio tracks*. They have been meticulously created for you, allowing you to listen at your leisure.

These audios are formulated to guide your mind into an altered state of consciousness. Hence, it is imperative that you DO NOT LISTEN while operating a vehicle or engaging in tasks demanding your full concentration.

*Please be informed that BMC (Body Mind Care) cannot be held responsible for any improper usage or consequences arising from such.

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