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Deep tissue, relaxation and pregnancy

Deep Tissue Massage

A deep tissue massage reaches the deeper layers of the soft tissues. It can help relieve muscular tension, improve circulation and your range of movement. My deep tissue are usually slow, targeted point, using acupressure.  To reach through the second, deeper layers of the muscles, I found that acupressure was the most effective. I will press firmly a specific area until the fascia, then the muscles underneath release. Because I do a lot of acupressure and it takes a bit of time for your muscles to release, I encourage you to book for a 90min, or 1hour, if it is a very specific area you want me to work on. In general, full body massage are not as efficient as targeted areas.  During the massage, your body will be covered for your own comfort and to keep you warm.

Deep Tissue Massage
Relaxation Massage

Relaxation Massage

We all have busy, stressful lives and sometimes, we just need a bit of pampering time to disconnect and recharge our batteries.  

During the treatment, you will be comfortably lying on my fresh linens and under a blanket. Dim light, soft music and aromatic essential oils balm are part of the experience. I adjust my pressure to your needs, from a gentle and light touch to a medium pressure.

My goal is to bring you to a state of calmness and relaxation.

Please note that it is a healing-relaxing massage with this purpose ONLY. Inappropriate behavior will NOT be TOLERATED.

Pregnancy and Post-Pregnancy Massage

Pregnancy and Post-Pregnancy Massage

Prenatal and post-natal massages offer a natural method for easing some of the common pregnancy and post pregnancy discomforts. Prenatal massages are done lying on your side with pillows and blankets for your comfort.
I will work on your feet, legs, glute area, back, neck, shoulders and head. Pressure will be adjusted to your comfort from light to strong. I use coconut oil, if you have any allergies or concerns, please discuss with me before treatment.

Please note that for your own safety and your baby, I will offer a pregnancy massage after your first trimester. 

Always discuss massage during pregnancy or post-pregnancy with your doctor or midwife before booking in.

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