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Bodywork + Hypnotherapy

A complete session for the beginning of a Reset

Receive a Unique Session based on your issues of the moment. Lilly has been studying and practicing bodywork and hypnotherapy since 2017. She gained an incredible knowledge of the emotional body and she is very intuitive in her work. She has the capacity to tune into the person and to feel the emotional blockages in your mind. Lately, Lilly realized that mixing bodywork (such as Raynor bodywork, Cranio-sacral therapy) with some hypnosis tools, the person gets some powerful insights that often releases trapped emotions or energy. Over the following days, the person often senses a positive shift in life. 

Who is it for?

This session is for anyone who has a specific issue (physical, mental) and they are ready to let go of anything that is holding them back. Often, when we have a physical pain or when we feel 'challenged' in life, we need to go back 'within' to find the answers. This session is created to work simultaneously on your body and your mindset. All sessions will be different because you are constantly evolving. 

What to expect?

The key is to Trust that your body and your mind will release what needs to be released at the time. Expectations can prevent your body-mind system to let go. If you feel the call for this type of session, this means that a part of you is ready for a shift. What kind of shift? Only your inner-self knows this answer. It is all about trusting your intuition!

How long is the session for?

It is a total of 2 hours. A mix of bodywork (Raynor, cranio-sacral, deep tissue, reflexology...) and some hypnosis techniques to release at a deeper level anything you need to release. This can also help you realizing that hypnosis is natural, and you go into hypnosis everyday without noticing!


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