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Regressive Hypnosis: An Inner Journey

Dive into your own Soul history


Regressive Hypnosis is perfect if you are already on your Spiritual Journey and you would like to have a deeper understanding of who you are. This is also a highly beneficial if you feel that something is holding you back.

Regressive Hypnosis includes a lot of tools I learned over the years. Here is an example of what your session may have depending on your goal and blockages:

- Trauma release,

- Past life Regression,

- Forgiveness,

- Meeting your spirit guides

- Implants removal

- Spirit attachments removal

- Star family connection

- Family connection and history

- Akashic records

- and much more depending on your own individual Soul Story.

Regressive Hypnosis is a mix of different school and teachers I studied over the years, such as Candace Craw-Goldman (BQH), Dolores Canon philosophy (QHHT), Antonio Sangio and Alba Weinman (Introspective Hypnosis).

How to Book a session 

If you want to book a session, you can directly book online, or if you want more information, you can email me: .

Can it be done Online?


It works exactly the same! People actually prefer doing this type of hypnosis from home. They are in their own space and feel more comfortable to go "under". I use Zoom, you just need a good camera and headphones. Make sure to be in a quiet place, comfortable and warm.

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